Is Fear Preventing You From Standing Up For Your Medical Freedom? – TTC Health & Wellness

Are You Struggling To Find Your Voice? You’re Not Alone. So Many People Believe In Health And Medical Freedom And Want To Stand Up For Themselves During These Crazy Times. Still, They Don’t Know How, Fear May Be Holding Them Back, Or They May Have Some Old Belief That Prevents Them From Using Their Voice. The Problem Is That Your Voice Matters Now More Than Ever, And Without More People Speaking Up, Standing Up, And Fighting For Their Freedom, We Will See Less Of That “Freedom” We Desire.

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Trauma & Our Kids – TTC Health & Wellness

The Subject Of Trauma Isn’t Talked About Enough For What Is Happening Today.

As Someone Who Experienced, Studied And Coached People On This Subject, It Is Something I Am Working Hard To Bring Awareness To. It Has Everything To Do With How Healthy We Are In Our Mind As Well As Our Body.

Please Watch This Interview Carmen Hunter Did With Aimie Apigain About Kids And Trauma.

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The Trend Of Gut Health : TTC Health & Wellness

If You Have Worked On Your Health Recently, You Have More Than Likely Come Across The Topic Of GUT Health. It’s Just Not Enough To Eat Yogurt And Hope That There Are Enough Probiotics In There To Override The Sugar (There Aren’t). Starting With A Solid Healthy Foundation With All Of The Stress And Toxic Food In The World Can Be Tricky. One Thing You Can Do Right Now Is Learn What The Gut NEEDS To Be In Optimal Health To Handle Toxic Insults As We Come Into Contact With Them.

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Trust Yourself FIRST : TTC Health & Wellness

In The Past Decade Of Working With People With Chronic Health Problems I Have Noticed A Common Theme In So Many Cases. People No Longer Trust Themselves. It’s Not Limited To What To Eat, What Exercise Is Best For Weight Loss, Or What Supplements To Take For Hormones Either. There Is An Unlimited Loss Of Trust In One’s Instincts And Intuition About Many Things In Life. My Goal As A Health Coach Is To Get You Thinking For Yourself Again. We Have An Epidemic Going On And It Has Nothing To Do With A Virus. It Is About The Giving Away Of Our Powers To Others. Trusting Others More Than You Trust Yourself.

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TTC Health & Wellness: Setting Boundaries To Protect Your Health

One Of The Things I Have Learned As A Health Coach Is That Being Healthy Is NEVER Just About Food And Movement. There Are So Many Things We Have Within Our Control That Can Help Us Be Healthier And Happier Right Now. One Of Them Is A Favorite Topic Of Mine And That Is The Topic Of Boundaries.

I Like To Define Boundaries As “Where One Person Ends And Another Begins”.

As The Government, Medical Field, Neighbors, Friends, And Even Family Try To Tell Us What Is Best For Us Regarding Our Health, It Is Important To Have Healthy Boundaries Set To Protect Your Mental And Emotional Health.

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TTC Health & Wellness: The Immune System is WHERE?

Though Viruses Have Long Been Touted As Something To Be Afraid Of, They May Not Be As Big Of A Problem As We Have Been Led To Believe. There Is A Lot Of Controversial Information About This Topic, So I Invite You To Open Your Critical Thinking Mind Even Wider And Take A Look At This Information About What’s Potentially Making People Ill. Considering That 80-90% Of The Immune System Is In The Gut, It Is Logical To Think We Should Take Good Care Of It.

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New Feature! TTC Health & Wellness: Learning To Breathe

Sometimes it can be all we can do to even get supper on the table before 8:00 p.m., much less cook all of our meals and expect them to be healthy. The pressure we put on ourselves to make healthy meals, get to bed on time and exercise every day can be immense. It’s time to change our expectations of ourselves and take a deep breath.

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