Lawsuit Filed Against Knox County Sheriff’s Dept After Arrest, Detainment Of Middle School Child

A Lawsuit Has Been Filed In Knox County Against The Knox County Sheriff’s Department After Arrest Of A Middle School Child, Who Was Allegedly Kept Handcuffed For Hours In A Police Car.

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Report: LGBTQ+ Town Hall Meeting Led By FBI – Defining Hate Crimes

On Thursday Evening, November 10th, 2022 At Maryville College An FBI-Led LBGTQ+ Town Hall Meeting Took Place With The Title “Defining Hate Crimes.” Several Conservatives Were In Attendance And They Sent Their Notes, Impressions And Full Audio Of The Event To The Tennessee Conservative.

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Segregationist Democrats Suppressed Black And White Republican Voters For A Hundred Years (William Haupt III Exclusive Editorial)

Since Democrats Have Rewritten History In Common Core Classrooms We Hear Little About How The Segregationist Democrats Made Blacks Walk Through Hell And High Water Just To Vote After The Civil War. And We Hear Less How Segregationist Democrats Isolated, Disenfranchised, And Intimidated Many White Republicans From Voting And Even Running For Office During And After Reconstruction.

Fearing A Red Wave During The Midterms, Biden And The Democrats Have Been Rewriting History And Calling Republicans The Party Of White Supremacy And Fostering Jim Crow-2 Laws To Disenfranchise Identity Groups. This Is The Defining Moment For Common Core. Those Who Have Not Witnessed The Failures Of Public School Education Need To Open Up A Pre-Common Core Textbook And Revisit Their History.

If Democrats Control Both Chambers Of Congress After The Midterms, They Will Federalize Elections And End All State Control Of The Process. This Will Enable Democrats To Suppress The Vote Of Anyone They Wish, Since States Will Have No Authority To Write Their Own Election Laws. This Gives Democrats More Power Than They Had Under Jim Crow-1 And Will Allow Them To Keep Republicans Out Of Office.

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Non-Profit Report Gives Low Scores To Bottom 4 Tennessee GOP Senators

The Tennessee Legislative Report Card (TLRC) Has Given Senators Richard Briggs, Todd Gardenhire, Ken Yager, And Jack Johnson The Lowest Rankings Of All Republican Senators In The Tennessee General Assembly.

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Why Critical Race Theory Harms The Black Community

At its core, CRT stems from the concept of critical theory and therefore aims to divide people into “oppressed” and “oppressor” groups, foment hate and chaos, and eventually disintegrate our society. It claims that concepts such as white privilege are the reality, and we should pursue equity instead of meritocracy.

But as a black former U.S. Air Force officer and pilot living in a nearly all-white community for the last 18 years, my personal experience here has not been rooted in oppression, division, and racial privilege being stacked against me. Instead, I’ve experienced equality, unity, and mutual respect.

Yes, people in my community see that I’m black, but that’s not how they define me or my kids. Isn’t that what the civil rights struggle was all about? Isn’t that what people of color have fought and died to establish in our country? By engaging in CRT, we risk losing the equality that Americans have fought for, and the end result will not be progress.

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Right-To-Work Constitutional Amendment Goes To Tennessee Voters

The Tennessee House Voted Thursday To Add A Right-To-Work Amendment To The State Constitution, Giving Voters The Chance To Decide Its Fate.

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Critical Race Theory Is About To Face Its Day In Court

Critical Race Theory Is About To Face A Major Real-world Test: A Spate Of Lawsuits Alleging That It Encourages Discrimination And Other Illegal Policies Targeting Whites, Males And Christians. The Lawsuits Name Specific Policies And Practices That Allegedly Discriminate, Harass, Blame And Humiliate People Based On Their Race. The Common Thread Of These Legal Challenges Is The Inescapable Logic That Making Accommodations For Critical Race Theory Will Erode The Nation’s Anti-discrimination Law As It Has Developed Since The 1960s.

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‘For The People’ Act Threatens Donor Privacy And Free Speech

H.R. 1 Would Sow Discord Among The Population While Serving To Entrench Those Currently In Power By Stifling Free Expression. There Are Many Ways To Heal The Divisions In Our Society. H.R. 1 Would Accomplish The Exact Opposite, Treating Political Activism As A Dirty Endeavor While Painting A Bright Red Target On The Backs Of Those Who Do Partake. Neither Party Is Innocent In Sowing Rancor And Discord. And Both Can And Must Do Better By Uniformly Rejecting H.R. 1and Moving To Mend The Bitter Divide.

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