Biden’s Mandate Threatens TVA Operations

Congressman Scott DesJarlais Authored A Letter Biden, Putting The Administration On Notice That Some TVA Employees Are Expressing Their Intent To Resign Or Retire Over The September 9, 2021, Executive Order Mandating All Federal Employees Be Vaccinated.

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Tennessee Doctors Who Challenge Consensus May Lose License

The Tennessee Medical Board Of Examiners Has Adopted A Policy That States That Physicians Who Generate And Spread Covid-19 Vaccine “Misinformation” Or “Disinformation” Are Risking Disciplinary Action By State Medical Boards, Including The Suspension Or Revocation Of Their Medical License.

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Buyer’s Remorse

What Would It Be Like If You Woke Up Some Morning And Discovered That Everything That You Believed Was A Lie?

This Is Not Just A Rhetorical Question Because So Much Of Everything The Media, iPOTUS, Kommie Harris, Big Tech, “Woke” Generals And The Intelligence Agencies Tell Us Is Questionable Or Blatant Lies.

What If You Realized You Were Duped And Voted For A Demented, Leftist Codger Instead Of An Excessively Tweeting, True Leader? Buyer’s Remorse?

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Nashville Nurses Denied Religious Exemptions At Saint Thomas Hospitals

Religious Exemptions Are Being Denied At Saint Thomas Hospitals In Nashville Despite Ascension’s Reassurance In July That They Would Provide Associates, Whose Strongly Held Religious Beliefs Prevent Them From Being Vaccinated, With A Process For Exemption.

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We Need Legislators To END Employer Mandates In This Special Session

We have heard the argument over and over again from GOP leadership here in Tennessee, “we don’t regulate businesses here in Tennessee.” And that argument is used to try and convince the public that private employers have a liberty right to force and/or coerce their employees into making decisions as a condition of employment.

Yet, EVERY member of that same GOP leadership supports the Right to Work Amendment to our Constitution which will come up for a vote in the general election in 2022. So, the legislature is willing to restrict a private business from requiring their employees to be part of a labor union, but unwilling to restrict a business from forcing medical decisions on their employees? It sounds to me that “restricting business” really has nothing to do with it.

It is time that we put the politics aside here in Tennessee and get this done in the upcoming Special Session!

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Griffey Calls On TN Gen. Assembly To “Stand Up For The Freedoms Of Tennesseans We Swore An Oath To Protect”

The Following Is An Email I Sent To Every Member Of The Tennessee House And Several Conservative Members Of The Tennessee Senate. I Want Tennesseans To Know My Position On Vaccine And Mask Mandates As Well As My Efforts To Get Others In The General Assembly To Protect The Rights Of Tennesseans To Make Health Decisions For Themselves And Their Children.

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Tennesseans Struggle To Get Home After Southwest Debacle

Southwest Airlines Canceled Over 2000 Flights Over The Past Weekend, Attributing The Issues To Bad Weather And Air Traffic Control, While Stranding Thousands Of Passengers. Not Only Were Nashville Flights Grounded, But Many Tennesseans Struggled To Find A Way Home From Other Cities.

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Tennessee Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Prohibit V@x Mandates

Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger Has Introduced The Blocking Joseph Robinette Biden’s Overreaching Vaccine Mandates Act In The U.S. House Of Representatives.

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Federal Workers In Chattanooga Face Mandate Deadline In Early November

With President Biden Signing Executive Order (EO) 14043, Federal Workers In Chattanooga, Including All TVA Personnel, Are Facing Having To Get Fully Vaccinated By November 22nd Or Finding A New Job.

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