The Many Ways A Porous Border Means Crime Without Boundaries

While Migrant Advocates Argue That Illegal Arrivals Commit Crimes At Lower Rates Than Americans, The Claim Is Unverifiable Because The Federal Government And Most States Do Not Break Down Crimes By Immigration Status.
Criminologists Also Note That It Ignores The Vast Web Of Statutory Crimes Concurrent With Illegal Immigration – Drug Smuggling, Human Trafficking, Child Labor Violations, Prostitution, The Black Market In Employment, And So On.

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Bill To Keep Autopsy Reports Of Murdered Tennessee Children Hidden From The Public Passes In The House

A Bill To Keep Autopsy Reports Of Murdered Children Hidden From The Public Passed In A Vote On The Tennessee House Floor Yesterday Afternoon.

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What Tennessee’s Republican Leadership Doesn’t Want You To Know About Illegal Immigration (Update 2.27.24)

While Republican Leadership Takes To Social Media And The Campaign Trail, Pledging Their Promises To Combat Illegal Immigration, Their Actions In Committees And In Governance, Which We Will Reveal Here, Tells The TRUE Story They’d Rather You Did Not Know.

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Senator Ferrell Haile Files Fake, Do-Nothing Illegal Immigration Bill

Critics Of Haile’s Bill Say That The Answers To The Illegal Immigration Crisis Are Already Clear And That The Last Thing Tennessee Needs At This Point Is More Data Collection, Especially When Considering The Said Data Is Not Slated For The Public-At-Large To View, But Is Meant For The Eyes Of The GOP Leadership, Who Have A Pathetic Track Record As It Relates To Illegal Immigration.

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I Challenge The Tennessee Holler & The Tennessee Lookout To An Open, Civil Policy Debate & Much More In The BIG 7!

💪 I challenge The Tennessee Holler & The Tennessee Lookout
to an open, civil policy debate.

Will they accept?

Conservative Bill STOPS Social Media Censorship In TN

Illegal Immigration, Property Tax Relief, Voice Votes, Kevorkian Bill & MORE in the BIG 7!

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Tennessee State Child Well-Being Report Says Crime Among Minors In Decline

Tennessee’s State Of The Child 2023 Report Finds Crime Among Minors Within The State Is In Decline, But Especially In Shelby And Davidson Counties.

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