Tennessee Lawmakers Want Total Removal Of CON Laws To Follow Extensive Reforms

While Tennessee Lawmakers Passed New Legislation To Reform The State’s Certificate Of Need Law, Some State Representatives Say It Needs To Go Altogether.

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Tennessee Certificate Of Need Reform Bill Passes House, Senate Committees

A Bill Set To Begin The Process Of Unwinding And Removing Many Of Tennessee’s Certificate Of Need Restrictions For Health Care Services Passed Both The Senate Health And Welfare Committee And House Health Committee This Week.

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Tennessee House Subcommittee Pushes Through Bill To Protect Hospital Visits For Patients

The House Health Subcommittee Moved Forward With A Bill That Would Prevent Tennessee Hospitals From Keeping Individuals Who Hold Power Of Attorney For A Patient From Visiting That Patient.

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Bill To Criminalize Abortion Trafficking Of Tennessee Minors Passed By House Committee

The Tennessee House Health Committee Passed Legislation That Would Make It A Criminal Offense For An Adult Who Is Not The Parent Or Guardian Of A Minor Child To Assist The Minor With Concealing Or Obtaining An Abortion.

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Bill Calling For September Tennessee Legislative Session In Odd Years Advances

A Bill Calling For A September Legislative Session In Odd Years Made Its Way Through Tennessee’s House State Government Committee. The Session Would Begin On The Tuesday After Labor Day And Run Through The End Of September, If Necessary, And The Legislature Could Take On Up To 99 Bills.

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Chairman David Hawk Approves Tennessee Red Flag Gun Law In Deceptive Voice Vote (Update 2.5.24)

A Tennessee Bill That Expands Current Law Requiring Mental Health Professionals To Report The Possibility Of Potential Violent Acts By Their Patients Passed By Voice Vote In The House Health Subcommittee, Led By Chairman David Hawk.

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1000s Of Illegal Immigrants Coming To Tennessee / TNGOP Pushes Digital Currency, Red Flag Gun Laws & Much More In The BIG 7!

Why is The Tennessee Holler STILL afraid to debate state policy?

Feds to Mass Transport Thousands of Illegal Aliens to Tennessee… State GOP Does Nothing

Trans Prayer on TN House Floor…

TNGOP Pushes Digital Currency & Red Flag Gun Laws

& More In The Tennessee Conservative’s Big 7 Weekend Digest!

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Tennessee Bill To Expand Newborn Health Disorder Screenings Passes On First Consideration

This Week, A Bill To Expand The Number Of Disorders That Are Automatically Screened For In Newborns When They Are Born In The State Of Tennessee Passed On Its First Consideration.

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Republican Lawmaker Speaks Out On New DCS Policy Allowing Children To Be Handcuffed

In September The Tennessee Department Of Children’s Services Changed A Longstanding Policy To Allow For The Use Of Handcuffs On Children And Republican Rep. David Hawk Is Speaking Out On The Issue.

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Bipartisan Legislation Leads To New Law Allowing Private Universities In Tennessee To Open Public Schools

A New Law In Tennessee Sets Up Both Public And Private Colleges To Partner With Public School Districts To Create “Lab Schools” Within Their Local Communities.

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