Sneaky Caption Bills Could Endanger 2nd Amendment Rights In Tennessee

According To Tennessee Capitol Insiders, A Couple Of Unrelated Caption Bills Are Set To Be Heard Today In House Subcommittees With Amendments Added To Quietly Push Gun Legislation.

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Bill To Give Party Chairs The Power To Certify Presidential Candidates In Tennessee According To Bona Fide Standard Moves To Floor

Yesterday In The House Local Government Committee, A Bill That Would Transfer A Power Never Had Before By A State Political Party’s Chair – Certifying The Party’s Candidate For President – Was Passed By A Practically Unanimous Vote.

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Bill To Transfer Secretary Of State Power To State Party Chair Heads To House Committee

This Week, A Bill That Would Transfer A Power Never Wielded Before By A State Political Party’s Chair Will Be Heard Before The House Local Government Committee.

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Legislation To Require Immigration Status Check Of Potential Voters Moves Forward In TN House

A Bill That Would Clean Up Voter Rolls And Aid In Election Integrity In Tennessee Passed The House Elections And Campaign Finance Subcommittee On Wednesday, March 29th. Chairman Tim Rudd And Representative John Crawford Voted Against The Legislation.

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Tennessee Bill That Lays Groundwork For Global Currency Passes On House Floor

A Bill, Sponsored By Representative William Lamberth, That Effectively Lays The Groundwork For A Global Currency That Would Not Require An Exchange, Was Passed On The Tennessee House Floor By A Voice Vote, With 78 Aye’s And 10 Nay’s.

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Bill To Cut Back On Out-of-State Campaign Funding, Killed in Committee

A Bill To Limit The Amount Of Out-Of-State Campaign Funding That State And Federal Level Candidates In Tennessee Can Accept Was Shot Down By The House Elections And Campaign Finance Subcommittee Yesterday Afternoon.

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Bill With Goal Of Establishing Term Limits In Tennessee Killed In Committee By Republican Supermajority

Yesterday, A Bill That Would Have Helped Create A Referendum Process That Would Have Enabled The Public To Vote On Whether Their Elected And Appointed Officials Will Be Term Limited Was Voted Down By The Republican Majority In The House Elections And Campaign Finance Subcommittee.

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Bill To Ban “Adult Cabaret Performances” Where Kids May Be Present Progresses Through TN House

HB0030, Sponsored By Representative Clay Doggett, Passed The House Local Government Committee With A Voice Vote. Democrat Reps Sam McKenzie, Johnny Shaw And Dwayne Thompson Asked To Be Recorded As Voting No.

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Why Does GOP Leadership Let Democrats Vote In Republican Primaries? INTERVIEW With Rep. Tim Rudd

Across Tennessee In Recent Local Elections, Democrats Have Partnered With RINOs To Elect Moderate, Squish Candidates… And GOP Leadership At The State-Level Continues To Allow It.

Tim Rudd, Who Served As An SEC Committeeman For Almost Two Decades And Who Is Currently The State Representative For District 34, Tells Us Exactly Why The Practice Remains In Place Despite His Opposition And Past Attempts To Change It Legislatively.

This Is The Kind Of Illogical, Jaw-Dropping Practice That Leaves Conservatives Disillusioned With The State Of GOP Politics In Tennessee.

However, All Is Not Lost. Tim Tells Us How We Might Change This Self-Defeating Practice In The Upcoming Legislative Session.

Buckle Up. You’ll Want To Hear This…

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