As Restrictions Tighten, The Tivoli Has To Close Its Doors Again

Chattanooga, TN – During the last few weeks, The Tivoli Theatre reopened their doors for the Bobby Stone Film Series, but as Hamilton County tightens Covid-19 restrictions, they will be closing once again.

Mayor Jim Coppinger announced on Thursday that the mask mandate will be extended until at least January 15th. Mayor Coppinger says the extended mandate has come after the rise in cases and possible exposures.

During last week’s news conference, he asked several local business owners to voice their thoughts on Covid-19 restrictions and the extended mandate.

The Westin Hotel owner, Ken DeFoor, said that local businesses support an extended mask mandate as a way to prevent potential closures.

Mike Giaccone, a local business owner, brought up his own story of Covid-19, and contract tracing through his store. “You don’t have to be old, have serious conditions, or be unhealthy to get a serious case of COVID-19.”

While many businesses will be remaining open through the extended mandate, The Tivoli Theatre is one the few that will be closing their doors.

The Tivoli initially closed the curtains in March, when the pandemic first started, but it reopened in early October.

They followed social distancing guidelines, as well as having guests wear masks unless they were eating, or at their own table. They did not allow live shows, and instead began showing films in the Bobby Stone series.

On Monday, November 23, it was announced that the Tivoli will be closing their doors once again. Officials from the theatre say part of the reason they are reclosing is because of the recent surge in Covid-19 cases.

“In coordination with Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke, the Tivoli Theatre Foundation will cease events in compliance with the newly amended executive order regarding City facilities effective immediately. The number one priority of the Tivoli Theatre Foundation has been to ensure the well-being of our staff, patrons and community, and we look forward to reopening when the City and the Foundation both agree that it’s safe and healthy to do so.”

The Tivoli Theatre Foundation will be working closely with public health officials during the second closing so they can open again as soon as possible. They will continue evaluating the situation until it is safe for them to open again.

Officials from the theatre say anyone who already purchased Bobby Stone tickets but didn’t get to use them will be issued a full refund.

In accordance with the new restrictions, The Tivoli as well as the Memorial Auditorium and Bessie Smith Cultural Center, will be closed. However, they can still allow private rentals as long as there are no more than ten people in attendance.

Many city offices, including City Hall and the City Hall Annex, will be closed to the public. The Family Justice Center will be open strictly for emergency situations, and the annex will allow people to make appointments just for Senior Tax Free applications.

While the Chattanooga library will be remaining closed, they are still allowing curbside services, and some YFD centers will still be allowing the use of virtual learning centers.

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