Blount County Conservative Coalition Pushes For Tennessee Law To Define Gender By Biological Sex

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The Tennessee Conservative [By Jason Vaughn] –

On November 21st, the largest conservative grassroots organization in Blount County, TN adopted a resolution asking the Tennessee Legislature to officially and by law define gender by biological sex.

Among other matters, the group also resolved that all sexual identity references by pronouns in official Tennessee Communications, regardless of subject matter, should be distinguished by traditional and biologically established terms.

Mark Pulliam, founder and chairman of the Blount County Conservative Coalition emailed the resolution to District 2 State Senator Art Swann, District 8 State Representative Jerome Moon and to District 20 Representative-elect Bryan Richey encouraging them to introduce and support legislation consistent with the objectives of the resolution.

Read the resolution HERE or below:


Whereas the existence of sexual differences in all animal species is a fixed natural phenomenon that preceded all forms of government and continues through human civilization, and 

Whereas the sexual classes in all higher life forms, most particularly humans, number only two, which are male and female, and 

Whereas the characteristics that differentiate these two sexes are constructed biologically, beginning at conception when one male and one female gamete merge, each gamete contributing one-half of a new and unique chromosome pair, which then grows into and defines a new human being under the control of the DNA structure which is reproduced thereafter identically in every healthy cell of that human’s body, and 

Whereas the propagation of the species, and of the community, state and nation, depend on accurately understanding, cooperating with, sustaining and protecting the natural two-way differences of the two sexes, and 

Whereas in legal, criminal, medical and other investigative processes to determine the identity and features of a person from isolated bits of his or her human tissue, DNA analysis is the most common and accurate process; and such analysis of cell tissue from any part of the human body will always access chromosomal coding that is descended from and identical to the chromosomal coding that was established at the conception of the person whose identity is being sought from their remnant tissue, and this DNA sampling will determinatively reveal the actual sex and other traits of the person that was created at that moment of conception; not the pretended sex of any subsequent wishful fantasizing or invasive medical tinkering, and 

Whereas current society-disrupting efforts based on inventing ways to blur the simple truths of sexuality are becoming epidemic; and

Whereas the sole responsibility and right of raising children resides and depends upon parents, and actions by government or other agencies to usurp this right are destructive of the fabric of society, the preservation of values and heritage from generation to generation, and the essential bonds of lifetime relationship and support stability, and

Whereas the proponents of the assault on biological normality have been shown attempting to disguise and hide their programs, materials, and conduct steering children, who are taught to consider them as legitimate authority figures, from the parents of the minors they have targeted, and

Whereas medical and surgical procedures that attempt to reverse natural sexual maturation are irreversible, and inflict significant damage to the biological functions of otherwise normal children, to include irreversible sterility, and

Whereas any other excuse for such subverting, mis-counseling, medicating or surgery on a child would be considered criminal acts, and 

Whereas the disruptive subversions are permeating our schools, media, military and other targeted controlling institutions, and

Whereas the duty of government in the United States and all its political subdivisions is to defend we, the people, against invasive subversion and destruction of our society and its values, and

Whereas the republican form of government requires our chosen representatives at the state and local levels to be the “lesser magistrates” who must defend us against such perils inflicted from outside our communities, and

Whereas it is the duty of the people, expressed in Article I, § 23 of the Tennessee Constitution to “… to assemble together for their common good, to instruct their representatives …”;


RESOLVED, that the Tennessee Assembly initiate and pass Legislation that requires all questions regarding the sex of a person in the context of any legal, medical, educational, sports or other question in Tennessee state business or governing shall be subject to verification by a DNA test to determine whether the person in question has DNA in the sex chromosome that is XX (Female) or XY (Male).  For all state purposes the result of this test shall establish, beyond challenge, the person’s legal sex or “Gender identity.” And be it further

RESOLVED, that all sexual identity references by pronouns in official Tennessee Communications, regardless of subject matter, shall be distinguished by traditional and biologically established terms, consistent with the following examples – “He,” “she,” or “it.”  And be it further

RESOLVED, that sex is identified and reported at birth or earlier, and is not “assigned at birth,” shall control all communications regarding this event, and the statement “sex assigned at birth,” or any variation equivalent to that mischaracterization of the event, shall be prohibited from use in documents to be used for legal purposes. And be it further

RESOLVED, that all personal privacy areas, rooms, or other locations in public facilities, property, or other locations accessible to the public, such as restrooms showers, locker rooms, shall be labeled and used solely in conformance to the DNA-confirmable classes named above, and. And be it further

RESOLVED, that any person acting with legally significant authority shall address any minor, in communications regarding sex or “gender,” in conformance with the standards defined above. And be it further

RESOLVED, that any person acting in a psychological, medical, educational or other authority role shall, if purposely mischaracterizing sex or gender, as verifiable by DNA testing as referred to above, in communicating to a minor under their authority shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. And be it further

RESOLVED, that any person acting in a psychological, medical, educational or other authority role with regard to a minor who exhibits, communicates or otherwise shows doubt, confusion, discomfort or other symptoms of difficulty regarding their sexual nature shall promptly communicate that event to the child’s parent. And be it further

RESOLVED, that any person promoting “Gender Identity” actions not in conformance with the standards defined above to a minor, to include therapies, dress, use of improper spaces (restrooms, locker rooms, etc.) shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. And be it further

RESOLVED, that any person acting in a psychological, medical, educational or other authority role shall, if engaged in a physical action equivalent to the current “gender affirmation” surgery, pharmaceutical treatment, or other medical procedure to delay puberty, or alter the DNA-appropriate sexual physiology of a minor shall be guilty of a felony. And be it further

RESOLVED, that any person employed by any educational institution within the state of Tennessee, if advocating to a minor any policy that conflicts with the above biological accuracies, advocating or performing physical interventions, or other acts of similar consequence, shall be considered as not acting on behalf of such institution, and thus is acting “ultra vires,” and hence may be held personally liable to the child and responsible parent or guardian for any harm or discomfort inflicted; unless the institution has demonstratively directed, advised, or otherwise supported, with authority over the person, such actions; and such persons who communicate or act in conformance with the above biologically appropriate  requirements shall be working within the authority, and shall not be held liable for any damages alleged as a result. And be it further

RESOLVED, that no public school system shall supply to students, or use in instruction, or call on students to refer to, on line or otherwise, any text, supplementary materials, or other source, for any subject, class or discussion with the students without making the said materials accessible without difficulty to parents and the public. And be it further

RESOLVED, that  parents shall be provided with time in every public meeting of any public school board, PTA organization, or other gathering related to content or administration of the duties and powers of the school board, individual school, or other event where curriculum or education informing materials arise, even if not on the agenda as planned, to discuss in a meaningful manner the curriculum or other subject matter content, and such parental comment or discussion shall be made available in literal transcript to the public and parents. And be it further

RESOLVED, that the federal government of the United States, having no power enumerated in the Constitution regarding health care, or any issue related to public or private health, the CDC has no authority to impose or even set standards for nationwide, state or local health practices, behaviors or products, whether by regulatory power or conditions in grants, consequently, the State of Tennessee shall be responsible to every citizen of the state for protecting them against federal overreach. And be it further

RESOLVED, that no department, agency, or subdivision of State authority shall apply for or accept federal “grants” which require submission to federal rules that conflict with the above policies. And be it further

RESOLVED, that, educational policies, curricula, and teaching being a root of the troubles described above, all education in Tennessee schools that relates to sexual differences shall begin at the appropriate grade level by instructing the students about the sexual properties of plants (pistils, stamen, etc.) and shall progress to animals (male and female gametes, with their chromosomal content and function).  And be it further

RESOLVED, that only after this foundation is assimilated by the students shall sex as a characteristic of human individuals be extrapolated from the familiarity with two-sex-only mammalian nature already established.  And be it further 

RESOLVED that the undersigned instruct the members of the Tennessee Assembly to promptly enact legislation that will place the above listed principles and requirements as law in Tennessee.

WITNESS, on behalf of the members of the Blount County Conservative Coalition, who voted to adopt these resolutions at the BCCC meeting on November 21, 2022.

Mark Pulliam

Founder and Chairman

Blount County Conservative Coalition

Maryville, TN

The Blount County Conservative Coalition is the largest conservative grassroots organization in Blount County, TN. Its Facebook page, Blount County Conservative Sentinel, has 1,500 followers. The BCCC has been meeting monthly since May 2021. The BCCC has hosted Congressman Tim Burchett, State Reps. Jerome Moon and Bryan Richey, Blount County District Attorney Ryan Desmond, Judges David Duggan and James Ripley, numerous local elected officials, and speakers from the Beacon Center of Tennessee, Tennessee Stands, Tennessee Right to Life, Americans for Prosperity, the Convention of States, and West Knox Republican Club. 

Candidates supported by the BCCC have won contested primary elections and/or general elections for the State House of Representatives, the Chancery Court, Blount County Commission, Blount County Board of Education, and other offices.

BCCC founder and chairman Mark Pulliam frequently appears on the Tennessee Star Report and in the Tennessee Conservative News. He regularly speaks to conservative groups in East Tennessee, including the Conservative Club of Tellico, West Knox Republican Club, the Conservative Club of West Knoxville, Cross County Patriots, and Conservative Republicans of South Knox County.  He also has appeared on various podcasts and radio shows throughout the state of Tennessee.  His articles on Tennessee politics have appeared in The Federalist, American Greatness, and other national publications.    

He blogs at Misrule of Law.

About the Author: Jason Vaughn, Media Coordinator for The Tennessee Conservative  ~ Jason previously worked for a legacy publishing company based in Crossville, TN in a variety of roles through his career.  Most recently, he served as Deputy Director for their flagship publication. Prior, he was a freelance journalist writing articles that appeared in the Herald Citizen, the Crossville Chronicle and The Oracle among others.  He graduated from Tennessee Technological University with a Bachelor’s in English-Journalism, with minors in Broadcast Journalism and History.  Contact Jason at

2 thoughts on “Blount County Conservative Coalition Pushes For Tennessee Law To Define Gender By Biological Sex

  • November 28, 2022 at 6:03 pm

    Bravo Zulu, BCCC. Such civic leadership is sincerely appreciated as we need more of it in America today.

    I hope all of our emigrants to Tennessee from “Peoples’ Republics of ___________________” will share it with your friends back home. YES, as you study the resolution, recognize that the threats confronted are ubiquitous across America. Likewise the remedies requested are applicable & available throughout all 50 states.

    BCCC’s resolutions provide an excellent vehicle by which conscientious Americans can state our values and provide direction to our elected Legislators.

  • February 3, 2023 at 8:08 pm

    Why are conservatives are so concerned with other peoples genitals. What happened to mind your own business?


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