City Bans Libraries & Other Facilities Amid Virus Concerns

Chattanooga, TN – The City of Chattanooga is utilizing the recent jump in COVID-19 cases to justify the shutdown of local municipal buildings.

City Communications Director Richel Albright says that public access to City Hall, City Annex, the city services at the Development Resource Center (DRC), and all public library branches will be banned starting Monday, Nov. 9th.

Curbside service will continue at the library branches.

The City Court and Clerk’s Office will remain open under a State Supreme Court order that allows for in-person proceedings.

The City’s Youth and Family Development Centers remain closed to the public.

The centers that are operating as Virtual Learning Centers (Avondale, Brainerd, Hixson, John A. Patton and South Chattanooga) for those enrolled in HCS At Home are open. 

Additionally, several YFD Centers and the City Hall Annex are holding office hours for those who need help applying for the Senior Tax Freeze.

Albright ensured that City departments such as police, fire, and solid waste removal will continue to stay in operation.

In a public statement, Albright reiterated the City’s endorsement of mask mandates.

“We also consider policy interventions like mask mandates and other policies by local and regional decision makers that may have a positive effect on health and safety.”, said Albright.

Despite residents’ tax dollars maintaining local municipal buildings, Mayor Andy Berke emphasizes protection when explaining the shutdowns.

“The City is taking steps to reduce person-to-person contact in order to protect residents and employees.”, said Mayor Berke.

It was Berke’s signing of Excecutive Order 37 that initiated the shutdowns.

The City is also encouraging residents to submit payments to the Treasury Department, making open records requests with the City Attorney and submitting 311 requests online or over the phone. 

There are no reports of a re-opening date currently available for Chattanooga municipal buildings.

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