Chattanooga Churches Donating Thousands Of Thanksgiving Meals

Chattanooga, TN – Local Churches are preparing and distributing thousands of boxed meals as Thanksgiving approaches.

WRCB reported that Freedom Church and Ridgedale Baptist Church engaged in such food drives over the weekend.

With a line of over one hundred volunteers, Ridgedale Baptist church was able to give out 300 food care packages to families.

Freedom Church conducted their own food-bank drive-thru this past Saturday as well, which saw a long line of recipients.

In fact, there were so many in line for the Thanksgiving food packages that tickets for recipients ran out in minutes.

“For us, man, it means a lot to us to be able to bless people and offer these free items,” said Lead Pastor Nathan Garmany of Freedom Church.

“With everything going on in our culture and just what’s happening with the pandemic, it’s a great time to actually bless our community and really help those families that are in need right now.”

Shirley Lankford, in line with her 5-year-old daughter, expressed thanks for churches stepping up to help during this time.

“Thanksgiving is coming up and you are trying to make ends meet,” she explained. “I can’t spare an extra 120, I can’t even spend an extra 10 dollars at some points.”

“You have these people throw you a lifeline. It’s just nice. It makes surviving so much easier.”, said Lankford.

WRCB reports that Red Bank Baptist Church will be giving away nearly 4,000 food boxes on Wednesday morning beginning at 8:00 a.m.

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