Chattanooga Launches New 311 App And Website To Streamline Resident Requests

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Published March 15, 2021

[The Tennessee Conservative Staff] –

Chattanooga, TN – The City of Chattanooga has announced a new 311 product called “My Chattanooga.”. 

The new system was designed to replace Chatt311. 

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According to Team311, the new app improves usability, communication, and “ensures citizens have access to the latest and greatest the City has to offer.” 

With the first release of the new app, the City’s Information Technology (IT) team focused on 311.   

With the app, residents can create their own profiles and save their addresses and contact information to activate new features. 

“Having your ‘My Chattanooga’ profile set up puts 311 services at your fingertips.  It automatically uses your profile address to help you search for and enter a request but you can still find your location to enter requests around town too,” a Team311 representative stated. 

The app allows users to submit 311 requests publicly or privately and receive notifications of the status of the request throughout its life cycle. 

Team311 states that the app is simple, fast and easy to use as well as being responsive and clean so that it works just as well in browser or a mobile device. 

“In fact, it was built from the ground-up to be mobile first so you always have your ‘My Chattanooga’ with you when you need it and you still have the ability to view and track public requests in your area,” said the Team311 rep. 

One new feature on the app is that it uses the user’s profile to notify them of what days their address will have trash and recycling pickup services. 

Users can view their neighborhood information such as park locations, youth and family development centers and the closest branches of the library.   

Users can also see which elected officials represent their individual Districts. 

‘My Chattanooga’ is currently in public beta testing; meaning, the system is live, fully functional, and ready to use on all of your devices.  

Public beta testing allows the City to further evaluate and improve their service, while offering citizens the option to choose between My Chattanooga and Chatt311. 

During this period, IT and all partner departments will be monitoring system performance, collecting user feedback and improving functionality. 

All requests submitted in My Chattanooga will be fulfilled–business as usual. However, by choosing to participate in My Chattanooga Public Beta testing, you will have the ability to send us your feedback, report bugs, and make requests for new and improved functionality. 

Team311 encourages all citizens to visit and start using this application.  

During the beta phase, the current ‘Chatt311’ system and ‘My Chattanooga’ will both be up and running. 

To Use the App on your laptop or desktop click Here: 

You can download the app to your mobile device from Google Play or the Apple Store

Phone: 311 or (423) 643-6311 

Sewer Pay-by-Phone: (844) 898-3672 



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