Chattanooga Mayor Shuts Down 2 More Community Centers After Confirmed COVID Cases

Photo: East Chattanooga Community Center

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Published July 27, 2021

The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

Following the temporary closures of two Chattanooga-area Community Centers last week after a single confirmed COVID case was discovered at each facility, Mayor Tim Kelly shut down two more facilities yesterday, Monday the 26th

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Kelly has ordered the temporary closure of East Chattanooga Community Center and Carver Community Center following confirmation of a single confirmed COVID case at each facility. 

The announcement followed the closures last week of the Washington Hills Community Center and Frances B. Wyatt Community Center.  

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East Chattanooga Community Center and Carver Community Centers will not be allowed to reopen until a deep cleaning and sanitization of the facilities are completed along with quarantine protocols are followed. 

The city is working with the Hamilton County Health Department on contact tracing. 

The final decision on when to reopen the community centers will be made in consultation with Dr. Mary Lambert, the city’s director of community health.   

“New variants of the COVID-19 virus are making younger people sicker, up to and including serious critical illness, long-term health problems, and death, as well as spreading more quickly than before,” said Dr. Lambert. “This is now the fourth community center we have closed in the last week due to outbreaks of this virus, and the only way to prevent the situation from growing worse is to get vaccinated and protect yourself.” 

Staff and residents of the Community Centers were notified Monday and asked to take “appropriate protective measures”. Employees who have been vaccinated will be assigned to other locations during the closure. 

Summer camp, which was scheduled to end this week, will not resume at either Community Center, though summer camps will continue at other community centers that remain open. 

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