City Council To Hold Public Input Session On Chattanooga Redistricting

The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

The Chattanooga City Council will hold a public input session (hearing) on Tuesday, March 29, 2022, at its 6:00 p.m. EST meeting to hear comments on the proposed redistricting plan and maps.

Redistricting information, including a map lookup, is available online now on Open Data Portal by clicking here

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The session will take place in the Assembly Room of the John P. Franklin, Sr. City Council Building, located at 1000 Lindsay Street.


Speakers will be allotted 2 minutes per person. Speakers may not share or combine their time with others. The time clock will begin anew with each speaker. The hearing will last for a maximum of one hour. This public input session, and the meeting as a whole, is open and accessible. 

Any person may attend the above-listed meeting in person. All meetings are open and accessible.

To leave a voicemail for your district councilperson, dial (423) 643-7170 and press the number of your district to leave your message. For example, when prompted, press 1 for the District 1 councilperson’s direct line to leave a voicemail.

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