Country Music Association Bans Confederate Imagery For 2022 Festival

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The Tennessee Conservative [By Jason Vaughn] –

The Country Music Association has made the decision to ban Confederate imagery of any kind for the first time for this year’s festival starting on June 9th and running through June 12th, 2022.

The CMA has stated that the decision was made to ban such imagery to make the event more “inclusive”.

They state in their event policy on their website that “any behavior that causes one of our attendees to fear for their personal safety will not be tolerated, and this is inclusive of any displays of the Confederate flag.”

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In a statement made to the Consequence of Sound, organizers state, “We have always had policies in place that protect the safety of our fans and ban discrimination, but we felt it was important to further refine our language to explicitly outline what will and will not be tolerated.”

Headliners of this year’s festival include: 

• June 9th – Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, Zach Brown Band & Darius Rucker 

• June 10th – Thomas Rhett, Kane Brown, Cole Swindell & Kelsea Ballerini

• June 11th – Carrie Underwood, Alan Jackson, Luke Bryan & Luke Combs

• June 12th, Dierks Bently, Russell Dickerson, Parker McCollum & Lady A

The event will be held at the Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee.

The CMA Festival is following in the footsteps of the only other Country music event to outright ban Confederate imagery.  Stagecoach was the first, which was held at Indio, California’s Empire Polo Club.

About the Author: Jason Vaughn, Media Coordinator for The Tennessee Conservative  ~ Jason previously worked for a legacy publishing company based in Crossville, TN in a variety of roles through his career.  Most recently, he served as Deputy Director for their flagship publication. Prior, he was a freelance journalist writing articles that appeared in the Herald Citizen, the Crossville Chronicle and The Oracle among others.  He graduated from Tennessee Technological University with a Bachelor’s in English-Journalism, with minors in Broadcast Journalism and History.  Contact Jason at

7 thoughts on “Country Music Association Bans Confederate Imagery For 2022 Festival

  • June 7, 2022 at 4:33 pm

    So now that all these Carpetbaggers escaped from California and moved here bringing their ideologies with them we now can live in a new world of rainbows and fairy dust.

  • June 7, 2022 at 4:57 pm

    Well, they have lost my support, there is no such thing as “Country Music” anymore, all I hear on Nashville Stations is a whole lot of Rap and Crap.

  • June 7, 2022 at 5:47 pm

    Another org. falls to the WOKE mentality!! Too scared to stand up for what is right, This part of History which will never be erased! Another sad day for America.

  • June 7, 2022 at 7:29 pm

    This isn’t a big deal. Fight the big battles. Fight to defeat the Dems. Don’t fight battles that will lose Republicans votes. If the Dems win they will destroy America, ban guns, let millions of illegals in, teach kids that all White people are evil racists and that men are women, and the FBI will arrest anyone who complains.

  • June 7, 2022 at 8:26 pm

    Yup, like NASCAR. Been VERY little country music awhile now.

  • June 8, 2022 at 8:59 am

    This IS Tennessee! This IS the south! If you can’t stand to be reminded that you’re in the south, you should of “stayed your ass at home” (to paraphrase “BROADWAY GIRLS”)
    WOKE EQUALS BROKE!!! Or haven’t you heard about what happened to DisneyWorld and DisneyLand?
    This is the beginning of the downward spiral!

  • June 8, 2022 at 1:33 pm

    All I can say this is another sad commentary of America. Erase all history so we can teach communism and socialism to our young children. If all conservatives stopped spending their hard earned money on all this woke nonsense. Maybe just maybe they would all go broke. I for one don’t spend a penny on any of this crap. Gave up all sports, movies anything that has to with their woke agenda. And guess what we don’t even miss it. We spend our time doing the things we love and enjoy. We are much happy with our lives since this garbage has been removed from it. Give it a try you might enjoy it too. Have a blessed day.
    In God we trust not government or man.


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