East Ridge and Brainerd High Schools Launch Work-Based Learning Program

Photo Credit: Legacybox / Facebook

Published April 6, 2021 

Hamilton County, TN – East Ridge High School and Brainerd High school have partnered with local business, Legacybox in a work-based learning program focused on talent development. 

Legacybox, located on Holtzclaw Avenue in Chattanooga, hand digitizes home movies, photos, slides, film and more.   

18 students will be hosted on-site and will be paid $15 an hour by the local media conversion company where they will work on schoolwork in the morning and for the company in the afternoon. 

Legacybox Co-founder, Nick Macco, built out a brand-new hub for the students, ensuring their experience with Legacybox is “top notch”.  

While talent development for the company is an added benefit, Macco has stated that this is both about philanthropy and ensuring these students are set up for future success.  

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