East Ridge Votes ‘Yes’ On City Liquor Stores

East Ridge, TN – Residents in East Ridge approved an election day measure that allows liquor stores in the City.

Before the ballot measure, the law only allowed for restaurants to serve alcoholic beverages and grocery stores to sell beer or wine.

The previous code did not allow for liquor stores within the City limit, so you had to spend money in another City for a bottle of liquor.

In an interview with News Channel 9, a supporter of the ballot initiative said “There’s no point in driving to another city to give them your money for something you could give to the city of East Ridge in tax revenue”.

Now it is projected that liquor establishments will be popping up quickly, and some residents think East Ridge needs them.

“Something needs to come in,” David Warren said, an East Ridge resident. “East Ridge is kind of dying.”

News 9 noted that many residents supported the measure simply for the convenience and shorter drive of a local liquor store.

“I have to go all the way to Brainerd, which I would not want to do,” Joyce Tumbling said. “It’d be good to have one over here.”

The obvious negative consequence of bringing liquor stores to a City is the effect that alcohol has on individuals.

Some may be concerned about the rates of drunk driving and the lives that may be put at risk.

Others may be compelled by their religious beliefs to reject indulgence in alcohol.

Either way, Mayor Brian Williams projects that the first liquor stores can begin to move in early next year.

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