Hamilton County Schools Preparing For Possible Shut Downs

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Hamilton County, TN – The Hamilton County School System is raising the alarm about rising COVID-19 cases.

Schools have been in Phase 3 of pandemic regulations, which involves some campuses having hybrid and remote learning.

Hamilton County could be entering Phase 2, which involves reduced days on campus or complete temporary school shutdowns.

According to Chattanoogan.com, 4 different Hamilton County schools were closed on Thursday.

Brown Middle School is on remote learning for the week, and Calvin Donaldson, Sale Creek Middle/High and East Ridge Elementary were also closed.

The jump in COVID-19 cases may push these schools and others to transition completely to remote learning with indefinite shutdowns.

Hamilton County School System reported 47 students and 28 staff with active cases on Thursday, with 62 staff members awaiting their results.

News Channel 9 reports that there may be “some” return to remote learning.

However, the reality is that there are already 4 Hamilton County schools shut down.

Phase 3 is supposed to bring a mix of virtual and in-class learning, but campuses are closing with little warning.

Some children struggle with at-home learning, and parents may not have the capacity to facilitate the learning easily with many returning to full-time work.

News 9 asked a spokesperson for the school district if there will be enough Chromebooks for virtual learning, and the answer was no.

An October shipment of more laptops was delayed and still has not arrived.

There are 19 free and paid virtual learning sites in the school district, and Phase 2 shutdowns will cause more sites to open.

The spokesperson for Hamilton County Schools did not elaborate on the effectiveness or reasoning for virtual learning facilities.

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