Johnson City Medical Group Denies Medical Treatment To The Unvaccinated

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Unvaccinated children across the state continue to be disregarded and denied equal access when it comes to education and healthcare.

Johnson City resident Kimberly Mosier says her family experienced such discrimination from the very people who claim to be committed to the “well-being” of children and to “high quality medical care for children”, according to Johnson City Pediatrics’ own welcome booklet for parents.

Mosier says both her husband and her son were refused medical treatment for COVID-19 from clinics managed by State of Franklin Healthcare Associates. The reason for this refusal – because both were unvaccinated.

She says her son, who was 10 at the time, was seen by Johnson City Pediatrics through a telehealth visit for COVID-19. They refused to prescribe any medication for his sore throat and congested sinuses and went as far as to deny recommendations for anything over-the-counter to help his recovery.

Pharmacist Curt Dearing said, “It is almost impossible to find a pediatric office that will care for children if they are not vaccinated. It’s immoral. They make most of their profit off vaccines and vaccine bonuses.”

A month later, Mosier’s husband tested positive and saw his physician at Blue Ridge Family Medical, another affiliate of SOFA. There he was offered a number of different options for treatment.

However, those choices were revoked after the office realized he had not received a vaccination for the virus. Mosier states that her husband’s “breathing was impaired and his blood was clotting.”

Mosier noted that her family was able to find a new healthcare provider who did not discriminate against her family’s medical choices and who would give her husband the care he needed.

“Genesis Healthcare accepted him and our family as new patients and began immediate treatment to include prevention for well, but exposed family members,” Mosier said.

“In conjunction with The Compounding Pharmacy,” Mosier continued, “Genesis Healthcare has saved lives by refusing the false narrative and sticking to their commitment to provide our community healthcare, not replacing it with wealthcare.”

Genesis Healthcare is a faith-based medical center located in Johnson City that operates on a Direct Primary Care model, providing patients with easier access to treatment options and strong provider-patient relationships.

Cynthia Hodger tells us that her children were also discriminated against by Children’s Clinic East in Hermitage, Tennessee.

“Because I refused vaccinations after my son was vaccine-injured, they refuse to be the kid’s doctor anymore.  Almost all pediatricians refuse service if you won’t vaccinate,” Hodger said.

*Note from The Tennessee Conservative – this article is Part Two in our series covering the stories of Tennesseans who have experienced discrimination based on their vaccination status.

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3 thoughts on “Johnson City Medical Group Denies Medical Treatment To The Unvaccinated

  • August 30, 2023 at 8:28 pm

    The information about Blue Ridge Family Medicine is not true. I saw my doctor last month, and he has been supportive of my decision to not take the COVid vaccination from day one. I just called their office to see if they had a new policy, and I was told they will see anyone, vaccinated or not. Please clear up this issue. This is a wonderful group of medical providers, and I don’t want to see their reputation tarnished.

    • August 31, 2023 at 1:24 am

      This is my family. We were discriminated against in 2021 for being unvaccinated.

      I hope you’re confirming that policies have been changed to provide care rather than deny since February 2021.

      My husband had to change providers to receive treatment. Praise GOD for Genesis Family Healthcare, PLLC.

      Since your reply is in writing, it’s considered liable.

  • August 30, 2023 at 9:12 pm

    Let the Law Suits begin! The only thing they understand. This is AMERICA not Russia. Cancel ALL appointments. They sure don’t follow the Proven Science just Political Science.


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