Joint Plaintiff In Blount County Pride Lawsuit Against The State Is Drag “Christian” Flamy Grant

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The Tennessee Conservative [By Kelly M. Jackson] –

On 9/1/2023 a lawsuit was filed against Ryan Desmond, District Attorney General of Blount County, Blount County Sheriff James Berrong, Maryville Police Chief Tony Crisp, Alcoa Police Chief David Carswell, and Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmettii to enjoin them from enforcing the law in Blount County during this past weekend when Blount Pride had drag artists featured during the entertainment portion of the festival. 

Specifically, Matthew Lovegood, who goes by the stage name “Flamy Grant,” who has recently been embraced by the Contemporary Christian Music scene with this song and video called “What Did You Drag Me Into,” was the featured performer at the Blount Pride festival. 

The complaint by Lovegood and Blount Pride is that Desmond erred in his interpretation of the ruling issued in the Western District Court back in late spring, when the law was permanently enjoined in Shelby County, and that because it was, then it must also apply to the entire state.

However, Desmond concurred with the AG Jonathan Skrmetti, who determined that because the ruling was issued in a district court, the ruling only has jurisdiction in that district. Which means, the law would be enforceable in every other of Tennessee’s 94 remaining counties. 


The Adult Entertainment Act, as it is referred to in the lawsuit, essentially states that the type of performers and performances that are featured in drag have been included in a definition of what Tennessee considers to be forms of Adult Entertainment – In that the people who perform and how they perform, and what they wear during those performances are historically and characteristically known to be of an adult nature and not suitable for minors to consume. 

It had also been alleged in the suit that the Maryville College president, Bryan Coker, had been “threatened” by Police Chief Crisp that he would be arrested if they allowed the performances to take place on the school’s property. Chief Crisp however contended that he was simply informing Coker of the law and that there could be legal consequences should the festival carry on as it had been planned. Coker’s office contacted the TN ACLU, who brought the lawsuit, and “corrected the inaccuracy”. 

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Despite what the lawsuit filers are alleging (that the law is “anti-drag, there is nothing in the language of law that is strictly prohibiting any and all drag performances. The law simply states that such performances can not take place in a venue where minors could be present.  An example would be a public park, or any venue that doesn’t already apply and observe an age restriction policy of 18+. 

Judge Ronnie Greer of the Eastern District Court of Tennessee determined that because another Federal judge in the Western District already decided that having minors present at a drag performance is a constitutional right and that the plaintiffs would have a good chance at success when the case does make its way to a full hearing, (which could take months), that a temporary injunction was warranted and was issued. 


The purpose of an injunction is basically to put a pin in a situation to prevent damages from occurring should there be an ultimate ruling in favor of the plaintiffs. Damages that the law sees as “irreparable harm”, such as having your 1st Amendment rights infringed. Despite what is being reported elsewhere, this injunction is not verification that the law is inherently unconstitutional. Just that yet another plaintiff has decided to challenge it. 

The argument that States have the right to define what Adult Entertainment looks like in their state and codify it, likely will not be resolved for some time, and possibly only when it has made its way to the highest court in the land.

We will continue to cover this story as it develops.   

About the Author: Kelly Jackson is a recent escapee from corporate America, and a California refugee to Tennessee. Christ follower, Wife and Mom of three amazing teenagers. She has a BA in Comm from Point Loma Nazarene University, and has a background in law enforcement and human resources. Since the summer of 2020, she has spent any and all free time in the trenches with local grassroots orgs, including Mom’s for Liberty Williamson County and Tennessee Stands as a core member.  Outspoken advocate for parents rights, medical freedom, and individual liberty. Kelly can be reached at

8 thoughts on “Joint Plaintiff In Blount County Pride Lawsuit Against The State Is Drag “Christian” Flamy Grant

  • September 5, 2023 at 3:58 pm

    Yes, it is predictable that Tennessee’s SB3/HB9 will find its way to the Supreme Court of US.

    In the meantime, it presents a rare opportunity for a ‘learning experience.’ Numerous rights guaranteed in both USC & TC are at work in the history/evolution of SB3/HB9.

  • September 5, 2023 at 5:14 pm

    Yes, the drag queens have First Amendment rights. Those rights, like laws against yelling “Fire” in a movie theater or “Hijack” on a plane have limitations. You have the right to put on a show. You do not have the right to allow minor children at the show. If you show your child sex acts and the kid tells someone, eventually the cops get there and there’s hell to pay. This is no different. The LGBT community decided now was the time to push and shouldn’t be surprised if others push back. I have no respect for this movement and I hope the law wins out in this case. Flagrant sexuality doesn’t belong anyplace minors are allowed. Having attended and enjoyed “drag shows” in other venues, I will never support those shows where children can be present, in spite of the views of the “enlightened”.

    • September 5, 2023 at 8:34 pm

      There is no “flagrant sexuality” when the children are involved. Look at Flamy during her performance, very conservative apparel, sitting playing a guitar. There are lies being spewed that they are exposing themselves and naked, NOT true. The Pride Event last weekend was wonderful, nothing lewd. There is more sexuality and exposure at the Wrestling events and children’s pageants.

  • September 5, 2023 at 8:04 pm

    Yup, lucifer’s minions.

  • September 5, 2023 at 9:09 pm

    Basic decency laws which are still on the books forbid such filth. Ever since Lyndon Johnson pushed the 1964 so-called ‘civil rights act,’ basic morality has been mocked and trampled by vested-interest left-wing lawyers, from the ADL to the ACLU, et al. Take away funding for these children of the devil – disallowing them to collect legal fees from budgets – is a good start.

    • September 6, 2023 at 3:21 am

      Sorry June, there was nothing sexual involved… didnt you watch mash? Or mrs. Doubtfire… get out of the stone ages and educate youself

  • September 6, 2023 at 3:19 am

    Interesting how the “fake constitutional conservatives” forget about supporting the first amendment when its something they dont agree with.. come on folks grow some balls, and support the first amendment. Yall are weak. I support the first amendment even when I dont agree with the content… thats how our founding fathers wanted it.

  • September 6, 2023 at 2:48 pm

    Drag has been entertainment for decades, even for children. Klinger in MASH, Mrs. Doubtfire, Madea, Bosom Buddies… Be honest with yourselves and everyone else. It isn’t ball gowns and wigs that bother you. It’s queer folks. Just say it.


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