Local Chattanooga Group Participates In National Pro-Life Bridges Week

Image(s) Credit: Greater Chattanooga Right To Life

Press Release –

On October 21st, Greater Chattanooga Right to Life took their pro-life message on the road; well technically over the road. They joined other pro-life people coast to coast in the National Pro-Life Bridges Week.

Event organizer, Chris Iverson said, “This outreach brings public awareness to the high stakes of the midterm election.”

During rush hour, volunteers held banners at the Belvoir Avenue Overpass on I-24 bearing the message that “Abortion takes a human life.”

Group president, Candy Clepper stated, “While Tennessee’s Human Life Protection Act (“trigger law”) took effect August 25th following the Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe, the battle for life is not over. It matters who governs, now more than ever. We speak for the unborn babies who can’t speak for themselves.”

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