Mayor Kelly Begins Phased Reopening Of City Community Centers Starting Thursday

Photo Credit: Hixson Community Center / Facebook

The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly on Tuesday ordered a phased reopening of the City’s community centers starting on Nov. 18, as part of a plan that in initial stages will include the Avondale, Brainerd, Carver, Hixson, John A. Patten, Shepherd, South Chattanooga, and Westside community centers.

According to the Mayor’s office, the phased reopening plan was implemented in light of improving pandemic conditions and will provide a safe space for youth and families heading into the winter

The reopening of the centers will once again make mentorship and programming available in the city’s neighborhoods.

“Community centers play a critical role in uplifting our city’s youth by offering them healthy activities and access to mentors in a safe and educational environment,” said Mayor Kelly.


The city’s Department of Community Development will phase in programming and other opportunities over the coming months, eventually allowing community centers to be booked for events and restoring all programming over time. 

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The city states that the centers must follow CDC guidelines for social distancing and enhanced cleaning in all buildings, and note that officials will continue to monitor pandemic conditions to “ensure the first phase of re-openings is conducted safely and that future phases may proceed.” 

Earlier this year, the mayor ordered all City community centers closed citing increased cases of COVID in the community. In the months since, Hamilton County has seen a sharp decline in COVID cases as measured by new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.  

Community centers not covered by this initial phased reopening announcement will be included in subsequent reopening phases, with details to be announced at a later date.


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