Mayor Wamp’s Usage Of Taxpayer Dollars To Advertise Himself “Highly Inappropriate”

Photo: Tennessee Conservative source

The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

As Hamilton County Mayor Weston Wamp pushes his proposal to reallocate federal funds to various county projects, some residents are concerned with some of his current spending.

One Tennessee Conservative News reader says Wamp is taking advantage of “tradition that benefits him.” They allege that Wamp is using his oversight of the Highway Department to advertise himself by using taxpayer funds to add his name to county boundary signs.

Photos were submitted that show signs reading “Mayor Weston Wamp” have already been placed on the “Hamilton Co” signs at several locations on the county borders. Highway Department sign crews have been placing the signs.

The reader states, “It is highly inappropriate to use public money to fund political advertising…it serves incumbency, not the taxpayers.”

Wamp recently told the County Commission that $70 million dollars in federal COVID relief funding had been allocated prior to him being elected as mayor. He said he questioned the validity of some of those allocations.

He apparently did not, however, take issue with the allocation of local taxpayer money to advertise his name around the county.

The reader continues, “I think Mayor Wamp should order them taken down, as I believe Hamilton is the only county that does the political signs courtesy of the taxpayers.”

One thought on “Mayor Wamp’s Usage Of Taxpayer Dollars To Advertise Himself “Highly Inappropriate”

  • January 28, 2023 at 2:13 pm

    My son in law works for Hamilton County Roads. Here’s a solution. My SIL will make and hang the little Wamp signs and Wamp can pay for them himself.
    I have no problem letting visitors know who our mayor is. That way everyone knows who is in charge of the good AND the bad decisions.


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