Montgomery County Schools Consider AI-Based Technology To Keep Weapons Out of Schools

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The Tennessee Conservative [By Jason Vaughn] –

A recent string of fake calls of active shooters in a number of Tennessee public schools has brought the issue of school safety back to the forefront. Many school systems are looking into the possibility of additional technology, and even artificial intelligence, to help alleviate some safety concerns.

Montgomery County is among several communities who are considering a new system for detecting weapons that are brought into local schools. The Clarksville-Montgomery County School District has spent the last several months researching different metal detectors to see if that was a feasible option.

Sheriff John Fuson told the county commission last week about his experience with machines sold by Evolv Technologies.

The machines are AI-based scanners that work more efficiently than metal detectors, with fewer disruptions. They act to not cause a pileup of people waiting to walk through, and operating them would not place more burden on already thinly stretched school staff members, reports say.

The systems are touchless and do not require bag searches unless items are detected by the machine.

“It scans for items that may be dense. Like rifle barrels, pocket knives it can pick up, dense items that a person may have in their person or their backpack. They don’t have to be brandished,” according to Fuson.

Fuson recommended that the school district implement the new scanner system at one local school and do a trial run to determine its effectiveness. He noted that the Evolv system is already being used at Nissan Stadium and Ryman Auditorium.

“I don’t see how something like this would not work,” Fuson said. The sheriff’s office has already stated that they have secured funding for the new security measures.

Most commissioners agreed with the recommendation.

“I am very excited about seeing a solution to the problem and this is kind of a solution where we don’t want the problem in the first place” said Commissioner David Shelton.

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