Nashville Mayor Approves License Plate Readers And Limits Party Buses Amid Signing of New Legislation

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The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

Nashville Mayor John Cooper signed several pieces of legislation on Monday that will bring changes to Music City.

New laws include the installation of new License Plate Readers, as well as ordinances regarding downtown noise levels and entertainment vehicles.

Although the Metro Nashville Council had previously opted to postpone their use of License Plate Readers, they later decided to move forward with the new program. After seeing success in the six-month pilot program, the cameras will be installed across the city. Metro Nashville Police claim that the machines led to 112 arrests during that time.

Another measure signed by the Mayor will place a limit on the number of entertainment vehicles that are allowed to be in operation in the downtown area. The Metro Transportation and Licensing Commission will be given the authority to make a decision as to how many are in the best interest of “public necessity and convenience.” If the MTLC opts not to renew the permits of any existing party buses, those vehicles would have 100 days to remain in operation.

A new ordinance will also require all speakers and amplifiers located within 10 feet of any door, window, or other opening of a downtown business to be faced inward. This is intended to help reduce the noise on downtown streets and sidewalks in hopes of increasing safety in the area.

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee will receive a grant in the amount of $19,500,000 to be used to create the Housing Catalyst Fund. The program will assist with providing affordable housing options and is funded through the American Rescue Plan Act.

New regulations were placed on traffic impact studies for new large property developments. Studies must include additional transportation analysis to determine the impact of the development on traffic in the area. Performance bond requirements were also added.

Finally, a resolution was signed that will provide support to municipal leadership to help reduce food waste. The goal is for the Metro leadership and the community to reach a 50% reduction in food waste by 2030.

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  • August 29, 2023 at 8:54 pm

    you allocated almost 20 million dollars for affordable housing but not saying what it is used for. I assume you are not giving this to individuals but organizations in Nashville to pay for salaries not housing. I will be looking for the use of the actual money and following very closely to see what’s being done with my tax money.


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