No New COVID-19 Related Deaths In Hamilton County

The Hamilton County Health Department reports that there have been no new Coronavirus-related deaths in the county.

The Health Department has updated their total number of cases number to 8,830. With no new deaths reported, the count remains at 85.

According to the Health Department’s report, of the COVID-19 tests given, 114,752 have come back negative.

The number of active cases in the county is 1,133.

For the total number of cases reported, females account for 51% and males at 49%.

The highest percentage of cases are in the 21 to 30 year age range at 23%, followed by 31 to 40 at 18%. The percentage of cases for age 61 and up accounts for only 11%.

Statewide, there have been 933 new cases of the virus reported bringing the total for the state to 171,824.

The number of people hospitalized in the state due to the virus has dropped to 696. A number 109 less than reported on Saturday the 12th.

Shelby County has the highest number of reported cases at 28,626, followed by Davidson County at 25,097. There is a wide gap to number 3 with Hamilton County having a total of 8,830.

Shelby County also has the highest number of Coronvirus-related deaths with a total of 421, followed by Davidson County at 277. Hamilton County is again number 3, with a total count of 85.

Hamilton County Commissioner Denise Driehaus states that this downward trend in COVID-19 cases and deaths shows that whatever prevention measures people have followed are working.

According to a report from The New York Times, experts say that the drop in reported cases could not be attributed simply to the recent drop in testing volume. Decreased Hospitalizations and a lower share of positive tests indicate that the spread has most likely slowed.

Some experts express concern that with autumn approaching and people spending more time indoors, a resurgence in cases may occur.

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