Parler CEO Issues Statement About Kanye West’s Upcoming Purchase Of Nashville-Headquartered Free Speech Platform

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Press Release –

Today is one of the most exciting days in the history of Parler (and we are no strangers to excitement). Parlement Technologies has entered into an agreement in principle to sell Parler to Ye (formerly known as Kanye West). Ye is not only a music & apparel titan but he, like Parler, has faced senseless and unnecessary censorship and cancellation by Big Tech. He shares Parler’s passion for free speech and independent thought. 

I am sure you have questions, and I’d like to answer a few right here. Firstly, Ye’s acquiring of Parler will strengthen our ability to create an uncancelable ecosystem. No one should have to self-censor out of uncertainty about which legal speech will get him or her banned. No individual or business should worry about being completely deplatformed, as Parler was, merely for the expression of opposing viewpoints. Groupthink is, and always has been, more dangerous than independent thinking. 

The current Parler staff you’ve come to know —many of whom you’ve interacted with— will still be working on the app, and the platform will continue to utilize Dynascale’s cloud services. 

Parler will remain a place where everyone can think, listen, and speak freely. We will continue the fight against censorship, cancel culture, and authoritarianism. 

While I cannot provide all the details today, I have complete confidence that Parler, as both a platform and a community, will experience the limitless growth it deserves.  

Thank you for being a Parler user. Do stay tuned to @parler and @parlernews for all the latest information. And don’t forget to follow @kanye

George Farmer, CEO 


Parlement Technologies 

One thought on “Parler CEO Issues Statement About Kanye West’s Upcoming Purchase Of Nashville-Headquartered Free Speech Platform

  • October 20, 2022 at 2:55 pm

    I have such mixed feelings regarding Ye. His recent anti-semitic remarks are pretty deplorable but as I believe in free speech, it’s his right to say it.

    I applaud his gumption and enjoyed he and Candace Owens’s stunt at last week’s Paris Fashion show but I think he’s bi-polar and tends to sometimes go off the rails.
    I do not agree with Instagram and Twitter deplatforming him though so I’m guessing this move to purchase Parler is his way of retaliation.
    I joined Parler a few years ago but found it to be too one dimensional.
    I hope that changes.


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