Rep. Greg Vital Sponsors Fall 2022 Moccasin Bend Lecture Series

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Press Release –

National Park Partners presents the 17th Annual Moccasin Bend Lecture Series with three unique events that explore cultural and conservation heritage within the National Park. 

The Moccasin Bend Lecture Series is presented each fall with fascinating speakers and topics related to National Parks and conservation; Indigenous culture and history; and Chattanooga’s place in the U.S. Civil War. 

The series was founded in 2006 by Tennessee Representative Greg A. Vital and has been sustained into our 17th year through his generous sponsorship.
Our 2022 series will take place live at the IMAX Theater with an accompanying live broadcast via Zoom so that all guests have the opportunity to participate in the Q&A following the presentations. All lectures are free and open to the public and  registration is required for both in-person and virtual participation.


When the World Came Crashing Down: 16th Century Spanish Expeditions in the Southeastern US

James Langford, President, Etowah Museum, Inc.

Mr. Langford’s presentation describes his personal research journey that began in 1969 when as a high school student, he found and recorded 16th Century villages along the Coosawattee River in his home county in Northwest Georgia. Over many years, his work evolved to collaborations with several universities and to published research that provides key evidence confirming the location of the capitol core villages of Coosa – the largest and most powerful province north of Mexico encountered by Spanish expeditions of the 16th Century. Mr. Langford details how pieces of the cultural puzzle and information about these expeditions continue to unfold as archaeological investigations and archival research yield new details and clues.

Registration required

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The Ethnogenesis of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians

Anita Finger-Smith, President and CEO, Cherokee Genealogical Services

Anita Finger-Smith’s presentation will cover five circumstances during the early 19th Century that contributed to the nucleus of Cherokee Indians who remained in the Southeast after the forced removal of most Cherokee to Indian Territory. These remaining Cherokee later formed the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Many people still believe the only reason the Cherokee are in the East today is because they “hid out in the mountains.” Although this was true for some, the majority are there for other reasons.

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A Salient Point: Moccasin Bend and the Civil War Struggle for Chattanooga

Jim Ogden, Historian at Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park

Park Historian, Jim Ogden, will discuss the pivotal events and activities that took place on and around Moccasin Bend during the Campaign for Chattanooga. From the US Army supply line (the famous “Cracker Line”) across Moccasin Bend at Brown’s Ferry to the well-preserved earthworks at the southern end of Stringer’s Ridge, this peninsula along the Tennessee River became a focal point between the Battle of Chickamauga in September 1863 and the Battles for Chattanooga later that fall in November.

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