Shooting Causes Car To Crash Into Bus

Photo Credit: Twitter – Angela Kim WRCB

Chattanooga, TN – A shooting on Monday morning led a bus to crash into a pole on N Orchard Knob Ave.

Multiple reports of shots fired came into dispatchers at the same time of the crash.

Chattanooga Police say that the bus crashed through a fence and hit a utility pole, coming only inches away from a home.

According to Channel 3, some power outages followed in the area as a result of the crash.

The entire intersection was closed off because of the shooting reports.

The CPD thinks that a shooting caused a car to crash into the bus coming from the opposite direction.

The shooting apparently left one injured, as District 8 Councilman Anthony Byrd said he talked to the individual’s family.

“I talked to some of the family members of the young man that supposedly got shot,” said Byrd. “That family’s sad and they’re trying to stay by his side at the hospital with him. They’re just trying to lift their people up as much as they can and get to the bottom of this.”

The CPD reports that a woman was arrested at the scene for trying to remove a firearm from a vehicle involved.

Councilman Byrd assured that the community was not to blame for the incident.

“It’s not the community,” said Byrd. “It’s just one or two bad apples that started a fuss that put everyone in danger.”

Councilman Byrd also explained that social media may be to blame for unhinged conflicts.

“Find out who your kids are friends with because I’m pretty sure that through the course of this happening, before this day happened, there was some conversation on social media.”, said Byrd.

The ages of those involved have not been reported, but Councilman Byrd’s statements imply that the individuals are younger than 18.

Channel 3 spoke to the owner of the bus company, who said that the bus driver was “shaken up but fine”.

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