Starbuck Targeted By Communist China For Outspoken Views

Photo Credit: Robby Starbuck / Facebook

The Tennessee Conservative [By Paula Gomes] –

Robby Starbuck, who is running to represent Middle Tennessee for Congress in 2022, reported in a social media post on Friday that his wife’s phone was subject to an attempted hack from Communists in China.

Sharing screenshots from his Twitter page Starbuck said, “My wife’s phone just alerted that someone in WUHAN, China was trying to hack her iCloud. I’m running for Congress demanding China be held accountable for COVID, that we ban China from buying US farmland and sanctions over Uighur genocide. Gee… I wonder who did this?

Starbuck continued, “Since the 2020 election my devices and emails have had attempted hacks many times. Even Google alerted me a foreign actor tried to hack my old email. Now they’ve moved on to trying to hack my wife’s devices. On the bright side, they’re smart enough to fear America 1st candidates.”

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Starbuck noted that China’s deputy director of foreign ministry blocked him on Twitter after his efforts to get a bot net taken down was successful. 

“China’s deputy director for their foreign ministry, @zlj517, blocked me on Twitter after I got a bot net taken down that all followed him on here and spread communist China’s COVID propaganda.”

On Starbuck’s website, his official platform on China is clearly stated:

  • Oppose China’s plan to dominate the world: At every step we must oppose China’s plan to dominate the world. We must recognize the threat they pose to our country and act to prevent them from hurting our citizens and the country we love.
    • Over 70% of our pharmaceuticals have some part of them produced in China. This is a national security threat and it must end. We can use existing processes like the DPA to force manufacturers back to the United States
    • China is buying more farmland in America than anyone not named Bill Gates. Meanwhile Americans cannot buy farmland in China. You know why? Strong countries don’t let other countries take control of their food supply. We must ban foreign ownership of our farmland and create a time period that they must sell this land by. This is a national security threat. 
    • Demand accountability from international bodies for China’s human rights abuse of the Uighur people. They have over a million Uighurs in concentration camps for no reason other than their religious beliefs. This is not okay. Seeing them loaded into cattle cars you have to wonder what China plans to do next. We must oppose this.
    • If China retaliates in any way, force tariffs onto their most prized exports
    • Vocally support Taiwan who faces the threat of China attempting to take it over like they’ve done in Hong Kong, by force.
    • Demand accountability at every level for how China lied to the world throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

On his Facebook post, Starbuck said, “Sorry Communist China but I’ll be your worst nightmare no matter what you hack. We fight for freedom no matter what. You and the rest of the Marxists pushed us [to] a point of no return. We won’t stop or slow down for anyone. We know your game. We don’t cower like the weak leaders you’re used to. Buckle up because we’re going to win and accountability is coming.”


About the Author: Paula Gomes is a Tennessee resident and contributor to The Tennessee Conservative. You can reach Paula at

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