Tennessee Covid Numbers Decrease As Holiday Season Arrives

After A Year Of Shutdowns, Canceled Events, And Altered Lifestyles, Tennesseans Could Be Headed For A Greater Sense Of Normalcy In The Near Future. Federal Health Agencies Say Tennessee Could Be Passing A Critical Point In Regards To The COVID-19 Virus, As The Holiday Season Approaches.

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Majority Of News Outlets Hate Conservatism [ Interview with ‘Tennessee’s Anchorman’ Alex Abernathy ]

In this interview, we talk about what is going on in Tennessee and why it’s important for people to get their news from a Conservative perspective.

We also discuss the “echo chambers” of the news media, how very few outlets actually originate their own stories and how liberal agendas find their way into Tennessee news reporting.

All this and more makes for an interview you do not want to miss!

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