The RINO Report, 98% Think Primaries Should Be Closed, Abortion Stymied, Medical Freedom, TN Sovereignty & More! – The TennCon BIG 7 Weekend Digest!

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2) Almost 98% Of Tennessee Republican Primary Voters Believe Open Primaries Should Be Closed
3) Tennessee Abortion Clinics Stymied After Injunction Against “Heartbeat” Law Lifted
4) TN-5 Candidates Give Their Views On The Rights Of Tennessee National Guardsmen
5) American Policy Center Sounds Alarm About Danger Of National Heritage Act To Tennessee Sovereignty
6) Tennessee Congresswoman Introduces Act To Halt USDA’s Woke Agenda In Public Schools
7) Athens, TN Teacher Of The Year Busted For Burglary, Drug Possession And Trespassing

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How Should Christians Engage Politically? – Interview With Timothy Head Of The Faith & Freedom Coalition

In America, The Church Is Under Attack Daily From The Mainstream Left. Even Our Children Are Targets For Sexual Corruption By Leftist Corporations, Media Outlets And Our Own Tennessee Educational System.

In This Interview, Timothy Head Of The Faith & Freedom Coalition Discusses How Christians Can Get Off The Political Sidelines And Make A Practical Impact.

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Vaccine Madness, Abortion Update, Crossover Raiding, Tennessee National Guard Medical Freedom & The RINO Report – The Alex Abernathy Show!

Brandon Lewis, Founder Of The Tennessee Conservative, Joins The Alex Abernathy Show To Discuss A Couple Of “Crazy Vaccine Stories” In Tennessee, Abortion Laws In The State, Crossover Voting And The RINO Report.

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What Does Roe v Wade Overturn Mean For Tennessee? – TVA pushes PRIDE – Disenfranchised Constituents And More! – The TennCon Big 7!

BREAKING – What Does Roe V. Wade Overturn Mean for Tennessee?

1) Curcio Disenfranchises Constituents By Abandoning Legislature Post To Become Lobbyist
2) TVA Live Streams Drag Queen Performance During Work Hours In Honor Of Pride Month
3) TN House Leadership Urges Lee To Block Health Department From Distributing, Promoting, Recommending COVID Vaccine For Kids Under 5
4) Tennessee Attorney General Disputes Federal Directive to Withhold Nutrition Assistance For Schools That Don’t Adhere to New ‘Gender Identity’ Policy
5) Tennessee Voters To Decide If ‘Right To Work’ Becomes A Part of State Constitution
6) State Funded Reentry Office Aligns With New Equity Movement Favoring Gay Population
7) Nashville Could Commission $200K Study On Titan’s Stadium Lease Obligations

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“Improved” Test Scores, Getting Abortions Out Of State, Shuttering Transparency, RINO Career Choices, Nashville Denied And More! – The TennCon Big 7!

1) Tennessee Governor, Lawmakers Celebrate “Improved” Test Scores – Almost Two Thirds Of Students Below Grade Level
2) T-Mobile Promises To Pay Travel And Lodging Expenses Of Tennessee Employees Getting Abortions Out Of State
3) Federal Judge Rules To Keep Tennessee Judicial Conference Meetings Closed
4) Tennessee Republican Representative Resigns To Become Lobbyist
5) Tennessee Supreme Court Overrules Lower court, Boots Starbuck From Ballot
6) Tennessee Supreme Court Denies Nashville’s Request To Reconsider School Voucher Program
7) Lawmakers Create Bureaucracy To Oversee Immigrant Child Care

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Trump’s in Memphis on the American Freedom Tour! [Interview with Chris Widener]

Chris Widener, Co-Founder And Speaker On The American Freedom Tour, Breaks Down Why He Escaped Liberal Seattle To Settle In Conservative Tennessee.

He Also Unpacks What’s Happening At The American Freedom Tour With Donald Trump In Memphis And How You Can Get Tickets To This Exciting Event.

Chris Discusses Exactly What Conservatives In Tennessee Need To Do To Keep Our State Headed In The Right Direction.

He Says It’s Time We Go On Offense To Combat The Devastating Effects Of Liberalism In Our State And Nation.

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Nashville Turns On Illegal Aliens Magnet, CMA Bans Rebel Flag, Mayor Cooper Shamed + The Big 7!

1) Metro Nashville City Council Creates Another Magnet For Illegal Aliens To Come To Tennessee
2) Country Music Association Bans Confederate Imagery For 2022 Festival
3) Tax Breaks Total $280 Million Amid Sky-Rocketing Revenues
4) Tennessee Stadium’s Proposed $1.5B Public Subsidy Far Surpasses Any Prior NFL Stadium
5) Nashville Group Publicly Shames Mayor Cooper For Refusing To Clean Up Homeless Encampment
6) Tennessee Slapped With Suit Alleging Failure To Give Veterans Employment Preferences
7) Governor Lee Introduces Executive Order To Appraise Safety At Public Schools

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The Truth About Chattanooga Shootings, TVA Wokeness & TN “Tax Breaks” Discussed By Lewis & Abernathy

Chattanoogan and founder of The Tennessee Conservative, Brandon Lewis, joins the Alex Abernathy Show to speak the truth, that you won’t see in the mainstream media headlines, about the plague of shootings in Chattanooga and how it could be remedied by the City adopting the “Broken Window Doctrine.”

They also discuss the Pride Month promotions posted by countless companies and organizations in the Volunteer State that are very much out-of-step with the majority of Tennesseans.

And in closing, they discuss the Tennessee tax cuts being celebrated by the state’s Republican leadership that many consider to be too stingy considering the state’s coffers are filled with the biggest surplus in the Volunteer State’s History.

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INTERVIEW With Rep. Greg Vital – A Fresh Perspective On The Legislature From A Tennessee Businessman

Representative Greg Vital (R-Harrison-District 29) shares his experiences about his first term in the Tennessee Legislature from the unique perspective that comes from being a Tennessee businessman.

Vital talks about the huge number of bills that are introduced but never make it to the floor for a vote and what constituents can do to help the pieces of legislation they care about to move forward.

He also talks about the importance of striking a balance between conservation and development, the significant need to appraise Tennessee’s public education system and the creep away from the morals and values that made our State and our Nation great.

All this and more in an interview you absolutely do not want to miss!

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