Next Week Is CRITICAL for Protecting Your Freedom In Tennessee! [Exclusive Interview With State Rep. Jason Zachary]

Representative Jason Zachary is a man of Conservative Courage and he is to be commended.

However, he gives us a warning: Next week will be CRITICAL if we are to preserve medical freedom in Tennessee.

Moved by concern for his constituents, Jason Zachary took a STAND during the Ford Motors special session and proposed legislation that would give Tennesseeans freedom in work, commerce and the classroom. However, not all TN Republicans are on board.

But we have another shot during the following week’s special session on medical freedom!

Watch this video so you can learn what we need to do in the coming days.

ALL HANDS ON DECK… Get ready for action!

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Top 7 News Stories This Week For Conservatives In Tennessee!

1) Free-Speech Social Media Platform To Move HQ To Nashville
2) Nashville Nurses Denied Religious Exemptions At Saint Thomas Hospitals
3) Greer To Allow “Documented” Exemptions To Knox Schools Mask Mandate But With Additional Step
4) Food And Gas Prices Reach New Heights
5) Pandemic Shutdowns Created ‘Lost Generation’ That Will Impact Careers, Mental Health
6) TN Treasurer Strongly Opposes IRS Bank Account Monitoring Proposal
7) Lee Commits To Revamping TN’s K-12 School Funding Formula

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“It’s Woke Companies Vs. The Working Class” [Exclusive Interview with U.S. Rep. Diana Harshbarger]

Wow… it’s very rare to hear someone in elected office tell it like it is – much less someone elected at the federal level.
In this exclusive interview, Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger talks about personal freedom, state sovereignty and how we are in the fight of our lives for the next generation.
Is it really “all about control?” Watch this interview and judge for yourself. You don’t want to miss this.

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We Need Legislators To END Employer Mandates In This Special Session

We have heard the argument over and over again from GOP leadership here in Tennessee, “we don’t regulate businesses here in Tennessee.” And that argument is used to try and convince the public that private employers have a liberty right to force and/or coerce their employees into making decisions as a condition of employment.

Yet, EVERY member of that same GOP leadership supports the Right to Work Amendment to our Constitution which will come up for a vote in the general election in 2022. So, the legislature is willing to restrict a private business from requiring their employees to be part of a labor union, but unwilling to restrict a business from forcing medical decisions on their employees? It sounds to me that “restricting business” really has nothing to do with it.

It is time that we put the politics aside here in Tennessee and get this done in the upcoming Special Session!

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How A Christian Non-Profit Lost $6 Million In Assets For One Dollar [Interview with John Ballinger]

The National Association of Christian Athletes essentially lost control of their assets and financial ability to remain on mission following a million-dollar deal that was cut between Bryan College and the founders who resigned after sexual abuse allegations that were later substantiated and adjudicated.

The Camp was professionally valued at about $6-7 Million but was sold to Bryan college for $1 dollar.

Now Bryan College wants to charge the organization $10,000 a month in “rent” for an asset it acquired basically for nothing.

In this interview with John Ballinger, who is now the president of the National Association for Christian Athletes (NACA), this unbelievable, unsettling and complex story is untangled and we find out what is next for NACA.

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Knox County Mayor Addresses Schools’ ADA Litigation & D.C.-Based Non-Profit’s Involvement

“Acting Swiftly And Objectively In This Case Is The Only Way Around Appearing As If The Litigation Is Anything Other Than An Attempt To Push A Political Agenda At The Expense Of The Very Children This Order Claims To Protect.”

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Top 7 News Stories Of The Week For Conservatives In Tennessee!

1) Senator Shane Reeves Says Special Session On Medical Freedom Is Not Needed
2) Knox County Schools Only Allow Two Exemptions To Mask Mandate
3) Metro Nashville Public Schools Host Mandatory Transgender Training For School Administrators
4) Republicans Blast FBI For Targeting Outspoken Parents At School Board Meetings
5) Biden Ignores Border Crisis Meeting Request; GOP Governors Propose Their Own Solutions
6) New DHS Guidelines State Entering U.S. Illegally Is Not Enough To Be Arrested
7) Hamilton County Schools Recommended Reading Exposes Children To Damaging Content, Ideologies

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Majority Of News Outlets Hate Conservatism [ Interview with ‘Tennessee’s Anchorman’ Alex Abernathy ]

In this interview, we talk about what is going on in Tennessee and why it’s important for people to get their news from a Conservative perspective.

We also discuss the “echo chambers” of the news media, how very few outlets actually originate their own stories and how liberal agendas find their way into Tennessee news reporting.

All this and more makes for an interview you do not want to miss!

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