Conservative Lawmaker Sounds Alarm On GOP Leadership Efforts To Kill Bills That Protect Tennesseans

***Update 3.27.24 – Yesterday, in the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee, HB2912 was “rolled to the hill” to be discussed further at a later date. SB2804 has been reset to the final calendar of the Senate Judiciary Committee.***

The Tennessee Conservative [By Kelly M. Jackson] –

It’s no secret that the Biden DOJ has an agenda against conservatives and conservative causes. 

Based on current news, we know that the DOJ is infiltrating Catholic Churches to surveil its parishioners, arresting Christians who pray outside of abortion clinics, and conducting surveillance ops on parents who attend school board meetings to object to the materials that are being used in public schools. 

This session in the Tennessee General Assembly, there is a bill being carried, HB2912/SB2804, by some of the most truly conservative members of our state government. 

This bill would prohibit the Biden DOJ by extension the FBI, from pulling our taxpayer funded law enforcement resources into surveillance or intelligence operations to investigate Tennesseans whose values the federal government views as an existential threat.

The bill is now under threat of being killed because the sponsors of the bill won’t follow the political agenda of the Republican Leadership. 

In this interview, I sit down for an informative and enlightening interview with one of the sponsors of this bill, Representative Todd Warner, who explains how bills that serve Tennesseans are threatened when he serves his constituents, and not the agendas of Republican Leadership. 

Your voice matters, contact the members of the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee and Senate Judiciary Committee prior to their meetings on March 26th, 2024 to voice your support for Warner’s House Bill 2912 and Senator Joey Hensley’s companion bill SB2804. (Contact info for subcommittee and committee below video).

More about this legislation HERE.

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To voice your support for House Bill 2912, contact the members of the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee.

Clay Doggett (R) – – (615) 741-7476

Elaine Davis (R) – – (615) 741-2287

Monty Fritts (R) – – (615) 741-7658

John Gillespie (R) – – (615) 741-8201

G.A. Hardaway (D) – – (615) 741-5625

Dan Howell (R) – – (615) 741-7799

Bud Hulsey (R) – – (615) 741-2886

Gloria Johnson (D) – – (615) 741-2031

William Lamberth (R) – – (615) 741-1980

Debra O. Moody (R) – – (615) 741-3774

Lowell Russell (R) – – (615) 741-3736

Joe Towns, Jr. (D) – – (615) 741-2189,,,,,,,,,,,

To voice your support for Senate Bill 2804, contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee

Todd Gardenhire (R) –  – (615)7 41-6682

Sara Kyle (D) – – (615) 741-4167

London Lamar (D) – – (615) 741-2509

Jon Lundberg (R) – – (615) 741-5761

Kerry Roberts (R) – – (615) 741-4499

Paul Rose (R) – – (615) 741-1967

John Stevens (R) – – (615) 741-4576

Brent Taylor (R) – – (615) 741-3036

Dawn White (R) – – (615) 741-6853,,,,,,,,

One thought on “Conservative Lawmaker Sounds Alarm On GOP Leadership Efforts To Kill Bills That Protect Tennesseans

  • March 26, 2024 at 9:54 pm

    Would this bill interfere with the FBI investigation into Todd Warner?

    Or is that investigation fully closed and the seized phones, computers, etc returned?

    Would future investigations into election finance fraud and corruption be impacted by this bill or are those not considered part of the crimes this bill addresses?

    Would this bill impact the investigation and upcoming trial of Casada and Cothren?


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