Vaccine Madness, Abortion Update, Crossover Raiding, Tennessee National Guard Medical Freedom & The RINO Report – The Alex Abernathy Show!

Brandon Lewis, Founder Of The Tennessee Conservative, Joins The Alex Abernathy Show To Discuss A Couple Of “Crazy Vaccine Stories” In Tennessee, Abortion Laws In The State, Crossover Voting And The RINO Report.

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The Truth About Chattanooga Shootings, TVA Wokeness & TN “Tax Breaks” Discussed By Lewis & Abernathy

Chattanoogan and founder of The Tennessee Conservative, Brandon Lewis, joins the Alex Abernathy Show to speak the truth, that you won’t see in the mainstream media headlines, about the plague of shootings in Chattanooga and how it could be remedied by the City adopting the “Broken Window Doctrine.”

They also discuss the Pride Month promotions posted by countless companies and organizations in the Volunteer State that are very much out-of-step with the majority of Tennesseans.

And in closing, they discuss the Tennessee tax cuts being celebrated by the state’s Republican leadership that many consider to be too stingy considering the state’s coffers are filled with the biggest surplus in the Volunteer State’s History.

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State Farm Wokeness, Child Vaccines, College Enrollment Decline And Incumbent’s Taxpayer-funded Self Promotion

Brandon Lewis, Founder Of The Tennessee Conservative, Joins The Alex Abernathy Show To Discuss State Farm Insurance Agency’s LGBTQ Children’s Book Program, The Record Decline In Enrollment Of High School Graduates Into Tennessee Colleges And Lee’s Tone Deaf Health Department Getting Backlash For Pushing Kid Vaccines.
Lewis And Abernathy Also Discuss How Tennessee Incumbents Are Using Taxpayer Dollars For Self-Promotion During An Election Year And The Tennessee Freedom Summit.

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Titans Stadium Funding, District 5 Court Battles & Advertising For Public Schools With Brandon Lewis & Alex Abernathy

Brandon Lewis Of The Tennessee Conservative Joins The Alex Abernathy Show To Discuss Court Battles Over Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District, A Lack Of Transparency In Titans Stadium Funding, And Advertising For Public Schools.

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State Legislative Session In Review With TTC’S Brandon Lewis

What Did The State Legislature Do To Help You? What Did They Do To Hurt You? Brandon Lewis Of The Tennessee Conservative Joins The Alex Abernathy Show To Discuss The Incumbent Protection Bill And The Failure Of The Tennessee Legislature To Pass Any Meaningful Illegal Immigration Reforms This Session. Lewis And Abernathy Also Discuss Governor Lee’s Suspension Of Lethal Injections In Tennessee And The Upcoming Tennessee Conservative RINO Awards And Tough Tusk Awards.

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Dad’s Tank Tops, Save the Date, RINO Report, The Podcast, a Blissful Night [Brandon’s Brain – #8]

Dad’s Tank Tops, 2nd Annual Tennessee Freedom Summit, Tennessee Conservative 2022 RINO Report & Tough Tusk Awards, Are You a Listener?, A Blissful Night, Stay vigilant. Stay engaged. Stay Free.

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Lewis & Abernathy On Homelessness, Common Law Marriage And The End Of Title 42 Border Policy

Brandon Lewis Joins The Alex Abernathy Podcast To Discuss Legislation Working Its Way Through The Tennessee General Assembly Regarding Making Camping On Public Property A Misdemeanor In The State And How When Leaders Do Not Enforce Laws, It Leads To A Lower Quality Of Living For All.

They Also Discuss The Common Law Marriage Bill And How The End Of The Title 42 Border Policy Will Create An Increased Influx Of Illegal Aliens Across The Border And Into Tennessee; Worsened By The Fact That The General Assembly Has Refused To Pass Any Meaningful Legislation To Curb Illegal Immigration Into The State.

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TTC’s Brandon Lewis On Conservative Censorship Legislation

Brandon Lewis Of Tennessee Conservative News Joins The Alex Abernathy Podcast To Discuss A Sneaky Bill That Could Be Used To Censor Conservative Groups. Alex And Brandon Then Go On To Discuss How The Tennessee Legislature Is Looking To Reinstate The Work Requirement To Receive Benefits From The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. Listen In Now!

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Tellico Conservative Club Presents Brandon Lewis, Founder Of The Tennessee Conservative

The Tennessee Conservative’s Founder, Brandon Lewis, Was Interviewed By Rick Dramm Of The Conservative Club Of Tellico On The Legendary WLIL Radio (102.7 FM & AM 730) In Lenoir City, Tennessee On April 7th, 2022. Listen In To The Program!

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