Williamson County Parents Speak Out Against Displaying Pride Flags In Classrooms

The Most Recent Meeting Of The Williamson County Board Of Education Was Highly Attended By Many Parents Wishing To Publicly Speak Out About Pride Flags In Local Classrooms.

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Bill Lee Can’t Understand Why People Don’t Trust His New COVID Promises

Bill Lee Can’t Figure Out Why People Don’t Trust Him When He Promises No Lockdowns, Mask Mandates Or Forced Vaccination.
Let Me Explain Why Awake Tennesseans Are Rightfully Worried…

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New Attack On Tennessee’s Unborn, Special Session Bills Set To Revive, Secret Ballots And The GOP & Much More! – The TennCon Big 7!

Brandon Delivers Stories On A New Attack Aimed At The Unborn In Tennessee, Bills From The Special Session We Can Expect To See Brought Back To Life In 2024, A County’s GOP Killing Transparency For Parents, A Chance For Justice For Those Fired Over Vaccine Mandates, Porn Allowed To Remain In Public School Libraries And Much More! Tune In!

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Once A RINO, Always A RINO? [Brandon Lewis Interviewed By Conservative Christians of Tennessee]

Conservative Christians Of Tennessee – Faith In Action Interviews The Tennessee Conservative’s Brandon Lewis About The General Assembly’s Expensive Special Session, The Tennessee Conservative’s 2023 RINO Report And The Upcoming Conservative Candidates Academy In Chattanooga.

Brandon Also Answers The Question, “If A Republican Gets Public Exposure For Being A RINO, Are They Likely To Change Their Ways?”

All This And More In This Great Interview Conducted By Conservative Christians Of Tennessee!

Listen In Now!

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Tennessee Has Added A New Member To The Department Of Education, Whose Career Is Predicated On DEI

This Month The State Of Tennessee Acquired A New Employee To Work In A Role That Is Titled “The Superintendent Of Turnaround”. But What Exactly Does A Superintendent Of Turnaround Do? In This Case, They Oversee Operating The Achievement School District In Tennessee.

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#BillionaireWelfare, RINO Politics At Their Height,Communist Propaganda In TN Classroom & Much More! – The TennCon Big 7!

Brandon Delivers Stories On The Pervasiveness Of RINO Politics In Tennessee, The Continuing Failures Of TN Public Schools, The Leftist Agenda, How Corporate Interests Drive TN Politics & Much More! Tune In!

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Doctor Addresses Hamilton County Commission Regarding “Unavoidably Unsafe” Medical Decisions

Doctor Keith Dressler Addressed The Hamilton County Commission On Choice In Healthcare Decisions On Wednesday Night.

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Special Session Tantrums, Illegal Drag Shows 4 Kids, TN GOP’s History Of Censoring Citizens … PLUS Much More!

Brandon Delivers His Take On The Special Session… Plus Stories On Drag Shows For Tennessee Kids, Medical Treatments Denied For The Unvaxed, TN GOP’s History Of Censoring Citizens & Much More! TUNE IN!

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