A Firsthand Look At Biden’s Border Failure – Blackburn Op-Ed

On A Ranch Just North Of The US-Mexico Border In Falfurrias, Texas, Local Property Owner Richard Walked Me Past Destroyed Fences And Piles Of Garbage Left Behind By Swaths Of Illegal Immigrant Trespassers. Frustrated With The White House, He Asked, “Where In The Hell Is Kamala?”

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No. OSHA Regulations Do Not Have A Direct & Immediate Impact on TN Employers.

In This Upcoming Special Session, The General Assembly Must Pass A Law That Makes It Discriminatory For Any Employer In The State Of Tennessee To Require Vaccination Or A Vaccination Status As A Condition Of Employment. At That Point, Any Federal Regulation To The Contrary Would Be Unlawful In The State Of Tennessee. But That Is Not The Only Tool That Tennessee Has At Its Disposal. Here Is The Second Part…

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Labor Shortage Cripples U.S. Supply Chain

With The Economy Stuck In Limbo And American Manufacturers Begging For Labor, Extending Federal Unemployment For Another Year Was A Death Blow To American Production Lines And A Gift To China. Now We Are Paying Dearly For It With Inflation, A Labor Shortage And Empty Retail Shelves. This Was A Bad Political Move For America At Home And Abroad. And It Will Get Worse Not Better.

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Buyer’s Remorse

What Would It Be Like If You Woke Up Some Morning And Discovered That Everything That You Believed Was A Lie?

This Is Not Just A Rhetorical Question Because So Much Of Everything The Media, iPOTUS, Kommie Harris, Big Tech, “Woke” Generals And The Intelligence Agencies Tell Us Is Questionable Or Blatant Lies.

What If You Realized You Were Duped And Voted For A Demented, Leftist Codger Instead Of An Excessively Tweeting, True Leader? Buyer’s Remorse?

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Griffey Calls On TN Gen. Assembly To “Stand Up For The Freedoms Of Tennesseans We Swore An Oath To Protect”

The Following Is An Email I Sent To Every Member Of The Tennessee House And Several Conservative Members Of The Tennessee Senate. I Want Tennesseans To Know My Position On Vaccine And Mask Mandates As Well As My Efforts To Get Others In The General Assembly To Protect The Rights Of Tennesseans To Make Health Decisions For Themselves And Their Children.

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With Biden And Congressional Democrats, It’s One Crisis After Another : Hagerty Op-Ed

For The Last Nine Months, President Joe Biden And The Democrats In Charge Of Congress Have Conducted A Symphony Of Incompetence. It Includes A Border Collapse, An Inflation-Fueling Spending Spree, A Resuscitated Pandemic, A Rising Crime Wave, A Near-Lapse In Government Funding And An All-Out National Security Disaster In Afghanistan. The American People Are Understandably Searching For The Concert Hall Exits.

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Stockard On The Stump: Welcome To The Green New Deal, Tennessee

Lawmakers Across The State Are Cheering The Blue Oval City Plan For The Memphis Regional Megasite, A Ford-SK Innovation Project To Build Electric Trucks And Batteries That Will Transform Southwest Tennessee.

But The $5.6 Billion Project, Which Will Lead To 5,800 Jobs, Comes With Some Teeth Grinding And Eye Rolling As Well.

In Other Words, To Land This Deal For Another Auto Manufacturer, State Leaders Are Having To Play Friendly With A Company Clearly Embracing President Joe Biden’s Green New Deal And The United Auto Workers.

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Too Much Facebook Time Is Harmful To Your Child’s Health – Blackburn Op-Ed

Facebook Didn’t Create The Problem Of Teen Anxiety And Depression, But They Knowingly Exploited It For Profit. They Preyed On Our Children’s Deepest Insecurities And Threw Them Into An Algorithm Tailored To Make Them Feel Even Worse. Halting A Few Pilot Programs Or Advertisement Options Is Not Enough To Undo The Systemic Prioritization Of Profit Above All Else. Facebook Consciously Decided That Advertisements, New Platforms, And Growth Were Worth The Mental Anguish Of Millions Of Young People.

Facebook’s Time Of Reckoning Is Now. Parents And Teens Deserve Resolution Before This Spiral Becomes Irreversible.

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Is Fear Preventing You From Standing Up For Your Medical Freedom? – TTC Health & Wellness

Are You Struggling To Find Your Voice? You’re Not Alone. So Many People Believe In Health And Medical Freedom And Want To Stand Up For Themselves During These Crazy Times. Still, They Don’t Know How, Fear May Be Holding Them Back, Or They May Have Some Old Belief That Prevents Them From Using Their Voice. The Problem Is That Your Voice Matters Now More Than Ever, And Without More People Speaking Up, Standing Up, And Fighting For Their Freedom, We Will See Less Of That “Freedom” We Desire.

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