Op-Ed: Feds Ignore Illegal Alien ID Theft Plaguing Americans As U.S. Coffers Fill

The Historic Surge Of Illegal Immigrants Across America’s Southern Border Is Fueling A Hidden Crime Spree Few In Washington Seem Willing Or Able To Address: Widespread Identity Theft By Migrants Who Need U.S. Credentials To Work.
An Extensive Review Of Government Reports, Think-Tank Research, News Accounts, And Interviews With Policymakers And Scholars Suggests The Problem Involves Millions Of People – Though Measuring It With Precision Is Difficult Because Of The Lack Of Data Provided By Authorities.

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Has Joe Biden Abandoned “We the People”? All Signs Point to Yes. (Marsha Blackburn Op-Ed)

When The Great American Experiment Began, Our Founding Fathers Envisioned A Nation That Worked For “We The People” And Enshrined That Vision In The Constitution. But, When I Talk To Tennesseans, It Is Clear That They No Longer Believe That Those In Charge Of The Federal Government Have Their Best Interests At Heart. Tennesseans Are Frightened For The Future And Beyond Frustrated With An Administration That Has Thrown Away The Founders’ Promises.

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The Tennessee Conservative’s 2022 RINO Report & Freedom Caucus Awards Has Arrived!

We’re In The Middle Of Republican Primaries Across The State And There Is A Big Problem: Many Who Are Running For Office Are RINOs… Republican. In. Name. Only.

Most Voters Simply Will Not Do The Research To Know Who Votes Conservatively Vs. Those Who Just Talk A Good Game On The Campaign Trail.

The RINO Report Solves That Problem – And You Can Get Your Free Copy Now!

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The Slippery Slope Of Red Flag Gun Laws [Op-Ed]

The Senate Has Now Passed The Onus Of “Gun Control” On To The States. They Expand Background Checks, And Fund School Safety Programs. They Will Also Incentivize States To Pass More Red Flag Laws. Since States Have Almost “Innumerable Powers” They Will Pressure Each State To Pass Stricter Gun Laws.

All Government Is Local, And All Liberty Is Too. The Rubber Meets The Road In Every State Legislature. Politicians Are Addicted To Money And Easily Swayed By Federal Gratuities. But What Happens In Our States Ends Up In DC. As States Trade Our Gun Rights For Abusive “Red Flag Laws,” Citizens That Do Not Challenge Them Don’t Covet Their Freedom. They Will Be Crying And Moaning When Progressives Win Their Campaign To Repeal Their 2nd Amendment.

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Good Doctors of the World: This Is What You’re Up Against

The Constant Upheaval And Waves Of Change Over The Last Two Years Have Taken Their Toll On Many. Contents And Portions Of Lives Have Been Lost, Broken, And Some Necessarily Discarded. Nowhere Is That Seen More Clearly Than In The World Of Health And Medicine.

We Need Honest, Thoughtful, Humble Healthcare Providers. We Do Not Need And Can No Longer Tolerate, As A Society, Doctors Who Worship At The Altar Of Organizations Who No Longer Have The Best Interests, Health, And Well-Being Of Individual Patients At The Center Of Their Model.

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If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned: How Politics Impact Business [Op-Ed]

According To A 2020 Gallup Poll, Nearly One In Four Americans Considers Abortion A Key Voting Issue.
Given This Commitment To Abortion “Rights” Or Abortion Restrictions, The Potential Overturn Of Roe V. Wade, And The Lesser Known Planned Parenthood V. Casey, Could Dramatically Impact Business, Particularly Through The Labor Market.
Over The Last Two Years, Many Conservative Voters Have Left More Liberal Cities And States Looking For The Freedom Afforded Them In Conservative Regions. As Part Of This De-Urbanization Of America, The Three States With The Most Outbound Migration From April 1, 2020, To July 1, 2021 Have Been To California, New York, And Illinois. Combined, Over A Million Residents Have Left These States Alone, And Many More From Other States With Democrat Governors.

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For Tennesseans, Joe Biden’s Blame Game Is Wearing Thin (Marsha Blackburn Op-Ed)

Last Week, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Proclaimed That, “The Economy Is In A Better Place Than It Has Been Historically.” This Statement Is The Last In A Parade Of Delusions That Joe Biden And The Democrats Have Been Peddling For Almost A Year. The Strategy Is Simple: Deny Their Own Disasters And, When All Else Fails, Shift The Blame Elsewhere. Unfortunately, Tennesseans Don’t Have The Benefit Of Living In The White House’s World Of Make Believe. They Know The Economy Is Failing And Feel Like They Have No Idea Who Is In Control Of The Country — Or Indeed If Anyone Is.

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Democrats Are Not The Only Threat To Your Right To Defend Yourself [Op-Ed]

Most Conservatives, Gun Owners And 2nd Amendment Advocates Agree That The Unhinged Celebration Of The Democrats At The Opportunity To Infringe An Actual Constitutionally Protected Right That They Despise Is A Danger That Requires Opposition. But, The Democrats’ Efforts Are Not The Only Assault On Your Rights.

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Op-Ed: Why Are Tennesseans Subsidizing Ford Motor Co.?

Since the Blue Oval City project came to light, there have been many questions raised about the wisdom of our state leaders engaging in this project. When leadership is challenged, the public refrain is typically “it’s about the jobs.” The companion refrain involving other public topics is often – “it’s for the children.”

Valid concerns were raised about the Blue Oval City deal that went unanswered. Among them, “Is Ford aligning itself with Tennessee values?” Or, “is Tennessee going to align itself with Ford’s values?” – The latter seems more likely.

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An Unborn Child Is A Human Life [Congressman John Rose Op-ed]

An unborn child is a human life.
Abortion ends that human’s life.

As the father of two young sons and one who passed away in the womb, I know first-hand that all children’s lives are very precious, whether inside or outside the womb.

Unfortunately, Democratic Members of Congress would rather ignore this fact and instead advocate for access to abortions all the way to the moment of birth, and in some cases even after the baby is born if the attempted abortion fails to kill the baby before its actual birth. Because of this extremism, millions of children will never walk this earth as their Creator intended. Their lives are being cut very short by those who believe the ends justify the means.

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