Think Your Vote Doesn’t Count? (Op-Ed)

If We Vote In Person, On Election Day, We Can Get Our Country Back. If We Give In And Give Up, We Will Have Lost Our Precious Freedoms For Generations To Come. Show Up On Election Day And Vote! Never Request Or Use A Mail-In Ballot. If You Know Of A Neighbor Or Friend Who Cannot Get To The Polls, Take Them. Arrange For Seniors And Shut-Ins To Enjoy A Few Hours Out. These Are Little Things That Can And Will Make The Difference In Election 2022. No State Is Too “Red” Or Too Far Gone. Be The Change America Desperately Needs.

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Why Tennessee Primary Turnout Is the Lowest In U.S. (William Haupt III Exclusive Editorial)

Next Time You Complain About A Massive Property Tax Hike To Your County Commissioner, Just Ask Yourself? Did You Vote For Him In The Last Primary Election? Did You Know That He Also Works For The County Road Department, And His Division Got A Huge Increase In Funding? Or Did You Vote At All?

Every Election There’s A Lot Of Focus On Who Voted. But There’s Little Debate About Who Didn’t Vote.

Most People Think Voting Is Casting Votes On Election Day Amongst A Frenzy Of Signs And Banners For State And National Offices. Those Who Say “I Voted For The Lesser Of Two Evils” Are Usually Those Who Seldom Carefully Study Their Candidates And Vote For The Best Ones Running In The Primaries.

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One Tool For Taking Back Your Local & State Government [Time Sensitive Interview]

Many Tennesseans Can Tell You Everything That Happened In Washington, DC Last Week – But Can’t Tell You Squat About What Happened In Nashville! This Drives Me Crazy Because You Can Make An Immediate Difference Locally, Just Like Mark, Cheryl & Jennifer Did In Blount County After Attending The Tennessee Freedom Summit Last Year (Which Is Less Than One Week Away Now So You Better Get Your Tickets!) In This Interview, You’ll Discover That You Do Not Have To Be Politically Savvy Or A Government Expert To Make Things Happen. But There Is One Thing You Must Do… Tune In To Find Out What It Is. And, Don’t Forget To Join Us In Nashville – Live Or Virtually – For The 2nd Annual Tennessee Freedom Summit! See You Soon!

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Less Than A Quarter Of Registered Voters Will Likely Decide Races In Today’s Election

According To The Secretary Of State’s Website, Just 11% Of Registered Tennessee Voters Have Voted Early Or Absentee So Far In Today’s Election; 132,720 Fewer Voters Than This Time Two Years Ago. Out Of The 4,210,456 Registered Voters In The State Only 477,873 Have Already Voted.

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Williamson County Official Conservative Republican Voter Guide

Many Prospective Voters Have Asked “For Whom Should I Vote?” When Looking For Politicians Who Might Best Represent Their Values. While I Believe Each Person Should Discern For Themselves Based On All Available Information, I Would Like To Share A Little About How This Guide Was Developed, Since I Had A Hand In The Endorsements Contained Within.

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Op-Ed: A Tennessee High School Student Speaks Out

For Those Of You Who Are Invested In The Deceit That Divisive Concepts Are Not Involved In The Teachings Within Our Public Schools, I Have Some Bad News For You…

These Issues Persisted Constantly Throughout My Time At My High School.

Vote For Candidates Who Will Preserve Student Innocence, Inclusivity, And The Fostering Of Creative, Intuitive, And Free Student Minds. We, The Students Of Tennessee, Are Counting On You!

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Tennesseans’ Right To Vote For Supreme Court Justices Was Bargained Away

In 2014, A Change Was Made To The Tennessee Constitutional At The Behest Of The Tennessee Judiciary Which Removed This Language, “The Judges Of The Supreme Court Shall Be Elected By The Qualified Voters Of The State.” Our State Constitution Was Rewritten To Say, “Judges Of The Supreme Court Or Any Intermediate Appellate Court Shall Be Appointed … By And At The Direction Of The Governor.” Proponents Of The Change, Like Democrat Phil Bredesen Said, “Contested Elections For The Judiciary Would Allow Special And Financial Interests To Become Involved.”

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If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned: How Politics Impact Business [Op-Ed]

According To A 2020 Gallup Poll, Nearly One In Four Americans Considers Abortion A Key Voting Issue.
Given This Commitment To Abortion “Rights” Or Abortion Restrictions, The Potential Overturn Of Roe V. Wade, And The Lesser Known Planned Parenthood V. Casey, Could Dramatically Impact Business, Particularly Through The Labor Market.
Over The Last Two Years, Many Conservative Voters Have Left More Liberal Cities And States Looking For The Freedom Afforded Them In Conservative Regions. As Part Of This De-Urbanization Of America, The Three States With The Most Outbound Migration From April 1, 2020, To July 1, 2021 Have Been To California, New York, And Illinois. Combined, Over A Million Residents Have Left These States Alone, And Many More From Other States With Democrat Governors.

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What Has Happened To Our America? Op-Ed By James V. Ferguson, MD

What Good Is Knowing About What Is Happening If You Are Unable To Do Anything About The Destruction? As A Student Of History, I Have Tried To Imagine What Others Have Felt As Conquering Armies Rampage Or Injustice Is Institutionalized. I Often Feel Frustrated And Angry As I Watch The Disassembly Of Our Country.
A Friend Asked Me, “What Will Happen?” I Told Him I Don’t Know, But History Teaches That Internal Rot Leads To Societal Collapse Or Violent Revolution. We May Be Spared Because We Have A Mechanism Of Altering A Destructive Course. Voting Is Crucial To Avoid The Inevitable Collapse Which Awaits Us. We Must Show Up And Tell The Progressive Democrat Socialists, “No!” But This Cannot Be Done With A 6% Voter Turnout As We Had For The Recent Knox County Primary Elections.

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FGA Sues Over White House Plan Directing Federal Agencies To Engage In Voting Activities

The Foundation For Government Accountability Sued The Department Of Justice After It Ignored Its Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Requests About An Executive Order Directing Federal Agencies To Promote “Access To Voting.”

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