The DOJ And FBI Only Arrest Pro-Life Advocates (Op-ed)

Aristotle Told Us, “No Man Is Above Or Below The Law.” With Growing Violence Towards Reproductive Health Centers, In 1994 Congress Enacted The Freedom Of Access To Clinic Entrances Act, (FACE) Which Prohibits Violent Or Threatening Conduct Against Those Obtaining Reproductive Health Services. This Is Not Only For Abortion Clinics But Pregnancy Centers Too. Yet The LEFT Only Protects Abortion Supporters!

This Is Politics At Its Very Worst. Biden And His Administration Are Openly Enforcing The FACE Act Against Pro-Life Protesters While They Watch Pregnancy Centers Burn To The Ground And Their Patients Assaulted By Abortion Advocates. To The Left, Lady Justice Is No Longer Blind. With The Midterms Underway, Voters Must Elect Candidates That Will Guarantee All Americans Have Access To Equal Justice.

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Department Of Justice Cracks Down On Public Officials Involved In COVID Relief Fraud

Authorities Are Rounding Up Public Officials Who Fraudulently Obtained COVID Relief Funds And Used Them For Personal Purchases. They Estimate That Nearly $80 Billion Of The $800 Billion That Was Given To Individuals Who Used The Money To Pay For Vacations, High End Houses, And Luxury Cars.

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FBI Charges Multiple Individuals For Peaceful Protests At Abortion Facility In Mt. Juliet

As Part Of A “Rescue” In March Of 2021, A Group Of Individuals Committed To Saving The Lives Of Pre-Born Children Visited The Carafem Abortion Center In Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. They Have Now Been Indicted For Conspiracy And FACE Act Violations.

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FBI’s Federal Watchdog Under Fire As Faith In Agency Wanes

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, The Ranking Member On The House Oversight Committee Is Asking Department Of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz Why His Office Reportedly Helped The FBI After It Seized A Cellphone From Another Member Of Congress.

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‘Unprecedented’: Judge Ruling Moves Trump Raid Affidavit One Step Closer To Release

Judge Bruce Reinhart On Monday Released An Order Rejecting The Department Of Justice’s Argument That The Affidavit Used To Justify A Raid Of Former President Donald Trump’s Florida Residence Should Remain Entirely Sealed, Moving The Document One Step Closer To Potentially Being Released.

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U.S. House Republicans From TN Demand Justice Department Investigation Into Domestic Terrorist Attacks Against Pro-Life Organizations

U.S. Representatives From Tennessee Diana Harshbarger, Tim Burchett, Charles J. “Chuck” Fleischmann , Scott DesJarlais, John Rose And David Kustoff , Joined In A Letter With More Than 120 House Republicans Demanding The Department Of Justice Investigate Recent Attacks Against Several Pro-Life Organizations As Instances Of Domestic Terrorism.

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An Unborn Child Is A Human Life [Congressman John Rose Op-ed]

An unborn child is a human life.
Abortion ends that human’s life.

As the father of two young sons and one who passed away in the womb, I know first-hand that all children’s lives are very precious, whether inside or outside the womb.

Unfortunately, Democratic Members of Congress would rather ignore this fact and instead advocate for access to abortions all the way to the moment of birth, and in some cases even after the baby is born if the attempted abortion fails to kill the baby before its actual birth. Because of this extremism, millions of children will never walk this earth as their Creator intended. Their lives are being cut very short by those who believe the ends justify the means.

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