Corporation That Received Almost 1/4 Billion In TN Taxpayer Dollars Now Appears To Be Laying Off Employees

Americans For Prosperity -TN State Director Tori Venable Said, “If True, Layoffs By Oracle Are A Massive Breach Of Taxpayer Trust. It Is Exactly Why Claw Back Provisions Are Important With Any Deal The Government Makes. If A Company Is Not Living Up To Their Community Development Promises, Taxpayers Should Not Be Stuck With The Bill To Fund A Private Business’ Profits.”

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Op-Ed: Why Are Tennesseans Subsidizing Ford Motor Co.?

Since the Blue Oval City project came to light, there have been many questions raised about the wisdom of our state leaders engaging in this project. When leadership is challenged, the public refrain is typically “it’s about the jobs.” The companion refrain involving other public topics is often – “it’s for the children.”

Valid concerns were raised about the Blue Oval City deal that went unanswered. Among them, “Is Ford aligning itself with Tennessee values?” Or, “is Tennessee going to align itself with Ford’s values?” – The latter seems more likely.

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