Illegal Immigrant Charged After Attacking Woman In Nashville Coffee Shop, Knoxville Couple Sentenced For Making Fake IDs For Illegal Aliens, Ballad Health Gets An “A”? & 4 More Big 7 Stories!

Illegal Immigrant Charged After Attacking Woman In Nashville Coffee Shop…

Knoxville Couple Sentenced For Making Fake IDs For Illegal Aliens…

Ballad Health Gets an “A”?

& 4 More Big Tennessee Stories on The Tennessee Conservative’s Big 7 Weekend Digest!

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New Tennessee Law That Could Put Illegal Aliens In Prison For Life Signed By Governor Lee

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee Has Signed Into Law A Bill That Allows Courts In The State To Increase Criminal Penalties Up To Life In Prison Without Parole For Illegal Immigrants Convicted Of Violent Crimes.

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Knoxville Couple Sentenced For Producing More Than 100 Fake ID For Illegal Immigrants

The Department Of Justice Issued Sentencing For A Knoxville Couple On Friday After The Pair Pleaded Guilty To Producing Fake IDs And Driver’s Licenses For Over 100 Individuals Who Did Not Meet The Qualifications For Them.

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Illegal Immigrant Attacks Woman Inside Nashville Coffee Shop, Tennessee Republicans Call On DHS Secretary For Answers

An Illegal Immigrant Was Arrested And Charged With Attempted Kidnapping And Sexual Battery After He Allegedly Attacked A Woman On Thursday, May 16th, Attempting To Push Her Into A Bathroom At A Dessert And Coffee Shop In Nashville. Republicans In Tennessee’s Congressional Delegation Are Seeking Answers.

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Illegal Aliens Being Flown To The Volunteer State From New York & The Lack Of Conservative Moorings In The Tennessee Senate

Brandon Joins The Chris Hand Show On 99.7WTN To Discuss The Most Recent Mass Transportation Event Of Illegal Aliens To Tennessee And The RINOs In The Legislature That Continue To Allow Things Of This Nature To Transpire.

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Tennessee To Compile Report On Cost Of Illegal Immigrant Crime

Tennessee’s District Attorneys General Conference Will Collect And Compile Data On The Costs Related To Illegal Immigrants In The State Who Are Charged Or Convicted Of A Criminal Offense Through At Least 2032 After The Immigration Bill Was Signed Into Law By Gov. Bill Lee.

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RINOs Allow Commercial Airline To Transport Illegal Aliens To Tennessee

On Monday Morning, KWAM Reported That A Jetliner “Filled With Illegals” Had Taken Off From New York City And Was Headed For Memphis. Tennessee Republicans Had A Chance During This Year’s Legislative Session To Ban The Mass Transportation Of Illegal Aliens Into The State. The RINO Lawmakers That Killed The Proposed Legislation Are Seeking Reelection.

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Bill Requiring Immigration Status Check For Voters In Tennessee Becomes Law

With The Signing Of A New Law, Tennessee’s Elections Now Have Greater Protections Against Illegal Aliens Being Registered To Vote In Them.

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“Equal Representation Act” To Stop Illegal Immigrants From Interfering With Congressional Representation Blocked By Democrats In U.S. Senate

Legislation That Would Have Added A Question Of Citizenship To The U.S. Census As A Way To Stop Illegal Immigrants From Being Counted For Electoral College Apportionment Or Redistricting Has Been Effectively Blocked By Democrats In The U.S. Senate.

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