The Tennessee Conservative’s 2022 RINO Report & Freedom Caucus Awards Has Arrived!

We’re In The Middle Of Republican Primaries Across The State And There Is A Big Problem: Many Who Are Running For Office Are RINOs… Republican. In. Name. Only.

Most Voters Simply Will Not Do The Research To Know Who Votes Conservatively Vs. Those Who Just Talk A Good Game On The Campaign Trail.

The RINO Report Solves That Problem – And You Can Get Your Free Copy Now!

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Why Does GOP Leadership Let Democrats Vote In Republican Primaries? INTERVIEW With Rep. Tim Rudd

Across Tennessee In Recent Local Elections, Democrats Have Partnered With RINOs To Elect Moderate, Squish Candidates… And GOP Leadership At The State-Level Continues To Allow It.

Tim Rudd, Who Served As An SEC Committeeman For Almost Two Decades And Who Is Currently The State Representative For District 34, Tells Us Exactly Why The Practice Remains In Place Despite His Opposition And Past Attempts To Change It Legislatively.

This Is The Kind Of Illogical, Jaw-Dropping Practice That Leaves Conservatives Disillusioned With The State Of GOP Politics In Tennessee.

However, All Is Not Lost. Tim Tells Us How We Might Change This Self-Defeating Practice In The Upcoming Legislative Session.

Buckle Up. You’ll Want To Hear This…

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Tennessee’s New Residency Election Law Is Unconstitutional

The New Residency Requirement Is Unconstitutional And Undemocratic. The U.S. Constitution Sets Forth Eligibility Requirements For The U.S. House. Under Article I, Section 2, A Representative Must Have Been A U.S. Citizen For At Least Seven Years, At Least 25 Years Old, And Must Live In The State They Represent. Neither Congress, Nor A State May Impose Additional Eligibility Office Requirements.
Considering The Law Is Notoriously Unlawful, Voters Can’t Help Wondering What Suddenly Inspired The Tennessee General Assembly To Add This Blatantly Illegal Requirement To The State’s Eligibility Rules For National Elections? The Answer Is More Obvious Than Finding Fleas On A Tennessee Hound Dog!

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The Lube Guy, The Establishment, And Fighting For The MAGA Agenda In Blount County

In 2016 President Trump Was Elected Because He Took On The Republican Establishment (RINOs, Big Business, Rubber Stamps For Corporate Lobbyists, Beltway Bloviators) To Stand Up For Ordinary Middle-Class Americans. Trump Proved That Often The Democratic And Republican Parties Represent The Same Special Interests. Trump Promoted The MAGA Agenda. We Have An Establishment And A Swamp In Blount County, And Our Battle Is Not Just With The Lunatic Left, But Also With The So-Called “Republican” Status Quo.

Get Engaged. Speak Up. Support A Candidate. Push Back. Communicate With Your Elected Officials. Register To Vote And Vote.

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State Legislative Session In Review With TTC’S Brandon Lewis

What Did The State Legislature Do To Help You? What Did They Do To Hurt You? Brandon Lewis Of The Tennessee Conservative Joins The Alex Abernathy Show To Discuss The Incumbent Protection Bill And The Failure Of The Tennessee Legislature To Pass Any Meaningful Illegal Immigration Reforms This Session. Lewis And Abernathy Also Discuss Governor Lee’s Suspension Of Lethal Injections In Tennessee And The Upcoming Tennessee Conservative RINO Awards And Tough Tusk Awards.

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Dad’s Tank Tops, Save the Date, RINO Report, The Podcast, a Blissful Night [Brandon’s Brain – #8]

Dad’s Tank Tops, 2nd Annual Tennessee Freedom Summit, Tennessee Conservative 2022 RINO Report & Tough Tusk Awards, Are You a Listener?, A Blissful Night, Stay vigilant. Stay engaged. Stay Free.

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What Should I Tell The Neighbor? BIG 7 Weekend Update…

1) House Passes Bill That Would Require Expense Reports from Non-Profits 60 Days Before Elections
2) TN GOP Bounces Lee, Ortagus & Starbuck From District 5 Congressional Ballot
3) Knox County School System Agrees To Settlement In Mask Mandate Lawsuit
4) Pro-CRT Activists Deface Tennessee Billboards
5) House And Senate Pass Bill To Regulate Homeless Encampments On Public Property
6) Abortion Influence Education Bill Passes TN Legislature
7) Tele-Med Abortion Ban Bill Passes Tennessee Senate

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The “Not-So-Transparently Passed” “Transparency Bill”, TNGOP Leadership LOVES Illegal Immigration, & Other Easter Eggs – TennCon BIG 7 Weekend Update!

1) TN Bill That Would Require Non-Profit Groups To Report Expenditures 60-Days Prior To Elections Passes Senate
2) Social Media Common Carrier Bill Heads To Senate Committee
3) TN Senate Passes Bill To Reinstate SNAP Benefits Work Requirement
4) Tennessee’s Open Primaries Invite “Crossover Raiding” In County Race
5) Bipartisan Bill Opens Door For Non-U.S. Citizens To Receive Professional Licenses In TN Passes TN Legislature
6) TN Congressional Residency Rule Becomes Law Too Late To Block Ortagus
7) Bill Prohibiting Anti-Semitism In Tennessee Schools And Universities Passes Unanimously In Tennessee Legislature

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Action Alert: TN Republican Leadership Seeks To Censor Conservative Grassroots Groups 60-Days Before An Election!

1) Action Alert! – Sexton’s Bill Would Censor Conservative Groups 60 Days Before Elections!
2) Bill To Sneak In Vaccinations Without Parental Consent Taken Off Notice
3) Legislation Authorizing Local Law Enforcement To Enforce Federal Immigration Laws In TN Fails In Senate Committee
4) Legislation Limiting ‘Divisive Teachings’ In Universities Heads To Gov. Lee For Signature
5) Tennessee Mayors Say It’s Time For Tax Dollars To Stay In Their Cities
6) Waverly, TN Flood Survivors Sue CSX Rail Company For ‘Man Made Tidal Wave’
7) Lawsuit Filed Against State Over Congressional Primary Residency Legislation

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