New Attack On Tennessee’s Unborn, Special Session Bills Set To Revive, Secret Ballots And The GOP & Much More! – The TennCon Big 7!

Brandon Delivers Stories On A New Attack Aimed At The Unborn In Tennessee, Bills From The Special Session We Can Expect To See Brought Back To Life In 2024, A County’s GOP Killing Transparency For Parents, A Chance For Justice For Those Fired Over Vaccine Mandates, Porn Allowed To Remain In Public School Libraries And Much More! Tune In!

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Once A RINO, Always A RINO? [Brandon Lewis Interviewed By Conservative Christians of Tennessee]

Conservative Christians Of Tennessee – Faith In Action Interviews The Tennessee Conservative’s Brandon Lewis About The General Assembly’s Expensive Special Session, The Tennessee Conservative’s 2023 RINO Report And The Upcoming Conservative Candidates Academy In Chattanooga.

Brandon Also Answers The Question, “If A Republican Gets Public Exposure For Being A RINO, Are They Likely To Change Their Ways?”

All This And More In This Great Interview Conducted By Conservative Christians Of Tennessee!

Listen In Now!

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#BillionaireWelfare, RINO Politics At Their Height,Communist Propaganda In TN Classroom & Much More! – The TennCon Big 7!

Brandon Delivers Stories On The Pervasiveness Of RINO Politics In Tennessee, The Continuing Failures Of TN Public Schools, The Leftist Agenda, How Corporate Interests Drive TN Politics & Much More! Tune In!

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Special Session Tantrums, Illegal Drag Shows 4 Kids, TN GOP’s History Of Censoring Citizens … PLUS Much More!

Brandon Delivers His Take On The Special Session… Plus Stories On Drag Shows For Tennessee Kids, Medical Treatments Denied For The Unvaxed, TN GOP’s History Of Censoring Citizens & Much More! TUNE IN!

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What Does Governor Lee’s Demand For A Red Flag Special Session, And That Failure, Tell Us About Who Supports The 2nd Amendment?

Shortly After The Tennessee Firearms Association Sent Out Its Report On The Special Session, We Started Receiving A Lot Of Inquiries From Tennesseans Who Wanted To Know “Who The Problem Republicans Are”, Or “Did My Representative And Senator Protect Our Rights” Or “Are You Going To Send Out A List Of Which Republicans Need To Be Replaced.”

However, It Is Not Easy To Determine Which Legislators Do And Do Not Support And Defend Your Second Amendment Rights. That Is Collectively Intentional On Their Part.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why…

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American Kudzu (Op-Ed By James V. Ferguson, MD)

Unfortunately, We Have Political Kudzu In America. It Is My Hope That People Wise Up That The Potemkin President And The Progressive-Democrats, Driven By AOC Leftists, Are Destroying The Country. The Democrats Have No Positive Accomplishments And Are Running On The Trump-Derangement Syndrome. Make No Mistake, If The Government Can Destroy President Trump, They Can Come After You If You Challenge The Washington DC System As President Trump Did. However, In This Time Of Crisis, I Am Comforted By Reports That The “Silent Majority” Is Awakening And Millennial Men Are Increasingly Conservative. Join Me In My Pledge To Vote Against Every Democrat At The National, State And Local Level. We Must Remove These People From Power So That We The People Can Begin To Repair The Damage They Have Orchestrated.

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The Grand Divide Between The Will Of GOP Primary Voters & The Actions Of Tennessee RINO Leadership … PLUS Much More!

Brandon Delivers The Latest Updates On Governor Lee’s Special Session… Plus Stories On Education Experiments Gone Awry, Your Tax Dollars Lining The Pockets Of Huge Corporations & Funding Green Energy, Flourishing Nepotism In Tennessee & Much More! TUNE IN!

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Conservatives Seek To Adjourn Special Session Yet Are Blocked By Establishment RINOs

While There Was A Tennessee Senator And A Representative That Proposed The Required Resolutions To End The Special Session, There Were Forces On The Same Side Of The Aisle Working To Undermine That Effort. In The End When The Resolutions Were Presented, There Were Few Elected Officials Who Stood Up To Cast Their Vote In Support Of Adjourning The Session.

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