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Congressional Hearing To Focus On Illegal Southern Border Entry From Hostile Powers

The Committee On Homeland Security’s Subcommittee On Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement, And Intelligence Chairman August Pfluger, R-Texas, Will Hold A Hearing Wednesday To Discuss Threats To The United States By “Malign Nation-State Actors In Central And South America.”

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Who’s Gonna Hold Them Accountable???

Our Tennessee General Assembly Can Solve The Education, Immigration, Corporate Welfare & Woke Indoctrination Problems Plaguing The State This Very Session…

But, Who Is Holding Them Accountable To Do So In Tennessee???

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The Vote Center Dilemma: Here’s Hoping County And State Leaders Can Now Give Us Safer, More Secure Elections

Given The Fact That We Vote In Vote Centers, One Truth Is Abundant. If We Don’t Return To Precinct Voting, We Will Never Be Able To Bring In Hand-Marked Paper Ballots To Give Voters Greater Trust Into How Their Votes Are Cast And Counted… Without Adding An Entirely New Machine System At A Cost Of Approximately One-Half Million Dollars. Yes, Another Machine Needed To Correct Process Problems Created By The Original Machines.
So, What Are Some Indisputable Truths We’ve Learned?

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Rep. Richey Introduces A New Yet Familiar Bill To Close Tennessee Primary Elections

Tennessee State Representative Bryan Richey Has Reintroduced Legislation To Close Primary Elections That Was Killed By Republicans In Committee During The Last Session Of The General Assembly.

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Tennessee Rep Up For Reelection Introduces Bill To Require Age-Verification For Online Porn

Representative Patsy Hazlewood From Signal Mountain, Who Plans To Run For Reelection Next Year, Has Introduced A Bill That Would Require Age-Verification To Access Online Pornography.

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Bill Filed To Legalize Hunting “Baited Areas” On Private Property In Tennessee

With January Right Around The Corner Tennessee Lawmakers Are Preparing For The 2024 Legislative Session, Including Rep. Bryan Richey Who Has Already Filed A Bill To Allow Individuals To Hunt Over Bait On Private Land.

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TBI Report Shows Increase In Human Trafficking Reports In Tennessee

As Tennesseans Gain A Greater Understanding Of The Realities Of Human Trafficking, The Tennessee Bureau Of Investigation Reports That Calls To Their Human Trafficking Hotline Have Increased More Than 400% Over The Past Few Years.

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Supreme Court’s Ruling About Drag Shows For Minors Has Very Few Implications For Tennessee’s Current Legal Battle

Supreme Court Ruling Denying Intervention In Florida’s Drag Show Ban For Minors Does Not Indicate Law Lacks Constitutional Viability. So How Does This Affect Tennessee’s Current Legal Battle?

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