Illegal Immigration, Media Censorship & Corporate Welfare – Brandon Lewis On The Freedom Matters Podcast

This Week The Freedom Matters Podcast Is Joined By Brandon Lewis, Founder Of The Tennessee Conservative – One Of The Few News Organizations Willing To Uncover The Truth In Tennessee.
Brandon, Gary Humble And Kevin Kookogey Discuss The Impact Of Illegal Immigration, Media Censorship And Corporate Welfare.

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Bill Lee Can’t Understand Why People Don’t Trust His New COVID Promises

Bill Lee Can’t Figure Out Why People Don’t Trust Him When He Promises No Lockdowns, Mask Mandates Or Forced Vaccination.
Let Me Explain Why Awake Tennesseans Are Rightfully Worried…

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Once A RINO, Always A RINO? [Brandon Lewis Interviewed By Conservative Christians of Tennessee]

Conservative Christians Of Tennessee – Faith In Action Interviews The Tennessee Conservative’s Brandon Lewis About The General Assembly’s Expensive Special Session, The Tennessee Conservative’s 2023 RINO Report And The Upcoming Conservative Candidates Academy In Chattanooga.

Brandon Also Answers The Question, “If A Republican Gets Public Exposure For Being A RINO, Are They Likely To Change Their Ways?”

All This And More In This Great Interview Conducted By Conservative Christians Of Tennessee!

Listen In Now!

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Running For Office Without This Is Embarrassing…

As you get older, you learn there are two kinds of wisdom.
This first kind is what you discover from lived experience: Successes and failures – mainly trial and error.
The second kind of wisdom is learned through the experiences of others: Books, courses, manuals, instruction sets or conversations.
For the most part, the more important and PUBLIC an undertaking is, the more likely we are to seek out the wisdom of others BEFORE we go headlong into a project or venture.
Important decisions made in the presence of our loved ones – and the public in general – require a lot of prayer, counsel, and the gathering of resources in ADVANCE.
This goes double for those who are seeking elected office in Tennessee – or those who hope to help them – because nothing is more public or visible than running for office.
Simply put, running for office without seeking professional help on the mindset, strategies or resources needed to WIN can be, well, embarrassing.

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Signal Crest United Methodist Preschool Discriminates Against Unvaccinated Children

Across Tennessee, Unvaccinated Children Are Discriminated Against As They Seek Fairness In Educational Opportunities. No Other Class Of Children, Regardless Of Their Health Status, Is Similarly Denied Access To Services.

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Meet The Tennessee Conservative’s Brandon Lewis In Niota On Saturday, August 26th

If You Are Interested In Meeting Brandon Lewis Of The Tennessee Conservative News, He’s Barnstorming The State This Summer And Will Be In Niota This Saturday, August 26th In His Last Scheduled Stop On The “LET’S GO BRANDON!” Tour. You Don’t Want To Miss It!

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The Special Session; Why Do ‘Republican’ Legislators Shun Conservatives? – How Legislators Become Lobbyists And More

Brandon and Steve go over some of The Tennessee Conservative’s recent headlines and discuss Governor Lee’s Special Session and some of the associated bills.

They also discuss how many legislators who push for corporate welfare become lobbyists and their reasons for doing so.

Discussions continue as they ponder why many “Republican” legislators shun conservatives and Conservative News Outlets.

Brandon dispels some rumors, and talks about the The Tennessee Conservative’s 2023 RINO Report and Follow the Money Report and answers the burning question: “Why is Chattanooga Better Than Nashville?”

All this and much more! Tune in!

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The Tennessee Conservative’s 2023 RINO Report & Freedom Caucus Awards Has Arrived!

All Republicans Make Big Promises When Campaigning & On Social Media… Yet, The Votes Tell A Different, Shocking Story. Who’s Telling The Truth? Find Out Inside The RINO Report! – Download For FREE Today!

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