Media Claims Bill To Combat “Driving Equality Act” Will “Undo Strides In Public Safety”

A Bill That Would Allow Tennessee Law Enforcement To Operate At Their Full Legal Capacity By Prohibiting Local Government From Putting Limits On That Capacity, Would Render Memphis’ “Driving Equality Act” Null And Void.

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Message to Tennessee Dem Steve Cohen (Op-Ed By Kat Stansell)

If You Live In Memphis And Approve Of Racial Divisiveness And Soaring Crime Rates, Then You’re Good; You Do Get What You Vote For – IF You Voted For This. If You Are Ready For A Real Change, Then Be A Part Of It. Get Involved To Find New Candidates Who Represent YOU, And To Ensure That Your Process Of Choice, AKA Voting, Will Truly Reflect Those Choices.

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Memphis Area High Schools Explain Book Selection Process

Some Memphis Area High School Administrators Say That Adherence To State Guidelines Regarding Book Selection Has Kept Them From Having To Deal With Controversy That Some Other Tennessee School Districts Have Faced.

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Tennessee Awards $21M In Federal Funds For EV Chargers

Tennessee Has Awarded $21 Million In Federal Funds To Build Electric Vehicle Charging Stations In The State.

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Citizens Gather In Protest Of After School Satan Club At Tennessee Elementary School

This Month, Community Members Gathered Outside Of Chimneyrock Elementary School In Cordova, Tennessee, To Protest During A Meeting Of The Satanic Temple’s After School Satan Club.

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I Challenge The Tennessee Holler & The Tennessee Lookout To An Open, Civil Policy Debate & Much More In The BIG 7!

💪 I challenge The Tennessee Holler & The Tennessee Lookout
to an open, civil policy debate.

Will they accept?

Conservative Bill STOPS Social Media Censorship In TN

Illegal Immigration, Property Tax Relief, Voice Votes, Kevorkian Bill & MORE in the BIG 7!

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TVA Customers Experience Power Outages As System Reaches Record Power Demand

Despite Talks Over The Last Few Months About Upgraded Systems And Rate Increases For Customers In An Effort To “Ensure The Region Has The Energy It Needs To Meet Growing Demand”, The Tennessee Valley Authority Proved Unable To Keep Up With The State’s Power Demands During Recent Extreme Winter Conditions.

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