It’s The Country, Stupid! (Op-Ed)

As Evidenced In The 2022 Midterm Elections And The “Red Wave” That Turned Out To Be Nothing More Than Hyperbolic Swash, Republicans Do Not Have A Clear Message And Are Relying On Antiquated And Irrelevant Strategies That No Longer Apply To Global Politics. Conservatives – And This Does Not Include All Republicans – Are Not Going To Win Elections Unless Their Voter Acquisition Strategies And Campaign Messages Change. The Message Is Simple: It’s The Country, Stupid! If There Is Any Chance Of A Presidential Win In 2024, Conservatives Need To Change Their Messaging To State What They Are Going To Do For The Average American Citizen By Addressing Three Fundamental, Creator-Endowed “Unalienable Rights” Of Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness – The “Self-Evident” Bedrock Of The United States Of America As Outlined In The Declaration Of Independence.

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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Tennessee Politics [Brandon Lewis On The Mill Creek View Tennessee Podcast]

The Tennessee Conservative’s Founder, Brandon Lewis, Joins Steve Abramowicz For Episode 20 Of The Mill Creek View Tennessee Podcast To Discuss The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Tennessee Politics And How To Get Active In The Local Government To Make A Positive Impact Within Your Community.

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Adventures In Politics (Op-Ed)

Having Spent Several Years As A Local Radio Talk Show Host, And Filling In For Other On-Air Personalities, I Have Had The Opportunity To Interview Countless “Political Leaders” And “Politicians”. Also, Just Plain Folks On A Mission. The Average Folks Possessed Passion. They Had A Story To Tell. Several Politicians Just Wanted To Hear Themselves On The Airwaves.

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New School Library Structure Pushes Librarians To Become Political Activists

Recent Changes In The Structure Of School Libraries In Tennessee Have Many Concerned That School Librarians Are Being Trained To Push More Than Just Books.

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Biden Denies Recession After GDP Decline, But Economists Say Otherwise

The U.S. Economy Has Shrunk For Six Consecutive Months, According To Federal Data Released Thursday, Which Led Many Economists To Declare A Recession. But The Biden Administration Is Pushing Back, Arguing The U.S. Is Not In A Recession After All.

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Non-Profit Report Gives Low Scores To Bottom 4 Tennessee GOP Senators

The Tennessee Legislative Report Card (TLRC) Has Given Senators Richard Briggs, Todd Gardenhire, Ken Yager, And Jack Johnson The Lowest Rankings Of All Republican Senators In The Tennessee General Assembly.

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How Should Christians Engage Politically? – Interview With Timothy Head Of The Faith & Freedom Coalition

In America, The Church Is Under Attack Daily From The Mainstream Left. Even Our Children Are Targets For Sexual Corruption By Leftist Corporations, Media Outlets And Our Own Tennessee Educational System.

In This Interview, Timothy Head Of The Faith & Freedom Coalition Discusses How Christians Can Get Off The Political Sidelines And Make A Practical Impact.

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Trump’s in Memphis on the American Freedom Tour! [Interview with Chris Widener]

Chris Widener, Co-Founder And Speaker On The American Freedom Tour, Breaks Down Why He Escaped Liberal Seattle To Settle In Conservative Tennessee.

He Also Unpacks What’s Happening At The American Freedom Tour With Donald Trump In Memphis And How You Can Get Tickets To This Exciting Event.

Chris Discusses Exactly What Conservatives In Tennessee Need To Do To Keep Our State Headed In The Right Direction.

He Says It’s Time We Go On Offense To Combat The Devastating Effects Of Liberalism In Our State And Nation.

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INTERVIEW With Rep. Greg Vital – A Fresh Perspective On The Legislature From A Tennessee Businessman

Representative Greg Vital (R-Harrison-District 29) shares his experiences about his first term in the Tennessee Legislature from the unique perspective that comes from being a Tennessee businessman.

Vital talks about the huge number of bills that are introduced but never make it to the floor for a vote and what constituents can do to help the pieces of legislation they care about to move forward.

He also talks about the importance of striking a balance between conservation and development, the significant need to appraise Tennessee’s public education system and the creep away from the morals and values that made our State and our Nation great.

All this and more in an interview you absolutely do not want to miss!

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