Tennessee Republicans Respond To Trump’s Unjust Guilty Verdict

Tennessee Republicans Across The State And The Nation Issued Responses Following Former President Donald Trump’s Recent Conviction On 34 Felony Charges In New York, Expressing Disappointment And Outrage.

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Montgomery County GOP Threatens Harm To Outspoken Conservative Vice Chair And Unethically Forces Removal

Press Release: Through An Organized Conspiracy Of The Montgomery County GOP’s Executive Committee, Led By Chairman Doug Englen, Vice Chair Olivia Lupia Is Forced To Resign From Her Elected Position In The Montgomery County Republican Party.

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Green Beret Removed From Tennessee GOP Ballot

Tennessee & Hamblen County GOP Removes Green Beret Combat Veteran And Outspoken Conservative Candidate From 10th District Primary Ballot.

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Illegal Aliens Arrested In Tennessee Must Now Be Reported To The Feds – Will It Even Help? Squatters-Be-Gone! New Bill Gives Homeowners Assistance, 14 Candidates Booted Off Ballot By TNGOP… AND 4 ‘MO Stories in the BIG 7!

🚔 Illegal Aliens Arrested in Tennessee Must Now Be Reported to the Feds – Will It Even Help?

🏋 Squatters-Be-Gone! New Bill Gives Homeowners Assistance

🥾 14 Candidates Booted Off Ballot By TNGOP…

AND 4 ‘MO Stories in the BIG 7!

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Tennessee GOP Removes 14 Republicans From State Ballot For U.S. House, Senate Races

Tennessee’s Republican Party Officials Removed Several Candidates From The August Primary Ballot After Questions Were Raised About Whether They Were “Bona Fide” Party Members, Leaving Several Seats Unopposed.

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99% Disagree With TN GOP Leadership’s Stance On Illegal Immigration, “Protect Tennessee’s Borders Rally” Coming Soon

Survey Results Show That 99% Of Respondents Disagree With Tennessee GOP Leadership’s Stance That Illegal Immigration Is A “Federal Issue,” Answering That “GOP State Lawmakers Should Pass Laws To Stop Or Discourage It.”

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West Knox Republican Club Issues Resolution To Enforce Tennessee GOP Bylaws

The West Knox Republican Club Members Have Issued A Resolution To Express Their Strong Opposition To The Tennessee Republican Party’s Decision To Not Disqualify Liberal Democrat Garrett Holt From The 2024 Republican Primary Ballot.

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85% of Conservatives Say TNGOP Sucks On Illegal Immigration; Letter Grades Show Many Failures; TN Abortion Law Lies & Much More In The TennCon BIG 7!

• 85% of Conservatives Say TNGOP Sucks on Illegal Immigration

• Illegal Alien Arrested for Raping Teen Girl

• School Letter Grades Show Many Failures

• TNGOP Flip Flops for RINOs on “Bonafide Status”

• Hundred of Fake TN ID’s Issued to Illegal Aliens…

& Much More!

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Tennessee Republican Party Reverses Decision To Remove Non-Bona Fide Candidates From Ballot, Allowing Them To Run In Primary

A Decision Was Made By The Tennessee Republican Party To Allow Candidates Who Were Previously Removed From The Republican Primary Ballot For School Board In Williamson County To Be Restored, And Allow Them To Run In The Upcoming Primary As Republicans.

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TN Republican Party Bylaws, Open Primaries, “Bona Fide” Status & More – Mark Pulliam On The Mill Creek View Tennessee Podcast

Join Steve Abramowicz And The Mill Creek View Tennessee Podcast As Interviews Lawyer Mark Pulliam (Or As He Would Say “Recovering Lawyer”) Who Is Also A Columnist, Blogger And Conservative Political Activist. Mark Shares His Work At Trying To Make Inroads Into The Tennessee Republican Party And Not Getting Very Far. Mark, Like Many Tennessee Transplants, Has Come To See The Red State As Not Being As Red As He Hoped, But Instead, It’s All About The Money And Power.

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