U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn On Stopping Big Tech Censorship In Tennessee – TTC Exclusive!

If you’re a conservative, you’ve probably been censored on social media. But did you know conservative messages are being blocked from your Gmail, AOL, yahoo and other mass email inboxes? In this exclusive interview, U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn discusses what can be done at the federal level to stop this – while I report how RINO’s killed similar legislation that would have prevented it in Tennessee at the state level. Plus, we touch on how the Biden administration is trying to sexually corrupt our government schools even further and why illegal immigration remains unchecked in the Volunteer State.

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What Hillsdale College Really Wants For Tennessee Students & Parents – (Interview with Kathleen O’Toole, Hillsdale’s Assistant Provost for K-12 Education)

Kathleen O’Toole, Hillsdale’s Assistant Provost For K-12 Education Joins Us Today To Discuss What Hillsdale College Really Wants For Tennessee Students, What Parents Can Expect From Their Charter Schools And What Tennesseans Can Do To Support School Choice And Better Educational Alternatives In Tennessee.

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Saving Our Loyal Guardsmen – Interview With Captain Mickey Shelton Of The Tennessee National Guard

40,000 U.S. Army National Guard Members Nationwide Are At Risk Of Losing Their Jobs For Refusing The Covid-19 Vaccine. Roughly 600 Service Members Are At Risk Of Losing Their Jobs In The Volunteer State Alone. Captain Mickey Shelton Of The Tennessee National Guard Discusses What Tennessee Politicians Are And Aren’t Doing To Help Preserve The Medical Freedoms Of Our Fighting Men And Women. …And What Concerned Citizens Can Do To Solicit Action From Our Elected Officials.

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How Should Christians Engage Politically? – Interview With Timothy Head Of The Faith & Freedom Coalition

In America, The Church Is Under Attack Daily From The Mainstream Left. Even Our Children Are Targets For Sexual Corruption By Leftist Corporations, Media Outlets And Our Own Tennessee Educational System.

In This Interview, Timothy Head Of The Faith & Freedom Coalition Discusses How Christians Can Get Off The Political Sidelines And Make A Practical Impact.

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Trump’s in Memphis on the American Freedom Tour! [Interview with Chris Widener]

Chris Widener, Co-Founder And Speaker On The American Freedom Tour, Breaks Down Why He Escaped Liberal Seattle To Settle In Conservative Tennessee.

He Also Unpacks What’s Happening At The American Freedom Tour With Donald Trump In Memphis And How You Can Get Tickets To This Exciting Event.

Chris Discusses Exactly What Conservatives In Tennessee Need To Do To Keep Our State Headed In The Right Direction.

He Says It’s Time We Go On Offense To Combat The Devastating Effects Of Liberalism In Our State And Nation.

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INTERVIEW With Rep. Greg Vital – A Fresh Perspective On The Legislature From A Tennessee Businessman

Representative Greg Vital (R-Harrison-District 29) shares his experiences about his first term in the Tennessee Legislature from the unique perspective that comes from being a Tennessee businessman.

Vital talks about the huge number of bills that are introduced but never make it to the floor for a vote and what constituents can do to help the pieces of legislation they care about to move forward.

He also talks about the importance of striking a balance between conservation and development, the significant need to appraise Tennessee’s public education system and the creep away from the morals and values that made our State and our Nation great.

All this and more in an interview you absolutely do not want to miss!

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Why Does GOP Leadership Let Democrats Vote In Republican Primaries? INTERVIEW With Rep. Tim Rudd

Across Tennessee In Recent Local Elections, Democrats Have Partnered With RINOs To Elect Moderate, Squish Candidates… And GOP Leadership At The State-Level Continues To Allow It.

Tim Rudd, Who Served As An SEC Committeeman For Almost Two Decades And Who Is Currently The State Representative For District 34, Tells Us Exactly Why The Practice Remains In Place Despite His Opposition And Past Attempts To Change It Legislatively.

This Is The Kind Of Illogical, Jaw-Dropping Practice That Leaves Conservatives Disillusioned With The State Of GOP Politics In Tennessee.

However, All Is Not Lost. Tim Tells Us How We Might Change This Self-Defeating Practice In The Upcoming Legislative Session.

Buckle Up. You’ll Want To Hear This…

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What Can Be Done To Advance Medical Freedom In Tennessee? (Interview with Kimberly Overton, Founder Of Nurse Freedom Network)

In This Interview With Kimberly Overton, Founder Of The Nurse Freedom Network, We Discuss What Needs To Happen With The Tennessee Healthcare System To Break Away From Unconstitutional Mandates, Unsafe Medical Protocols And Ridiculous Overpricing; And What Residents Can Do To Get Informed And Involved.

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Little-Known Insights Into Tennessee’s Illegal Immigration Crisis with U.S. Senator Bill Hagerty [Exclusive Interview]

It’s crippling our education system, straining healthcare networks and placing Tennesseeans at a competitive disadvantage for higher paying jobs.

The problem?

Rampant, unchecked illegal immigration.

In this interview, Senator Hagerty tells us about his recent trip to the wide-open southern border and how it’s impacting our state.

He also outlines how Republicans are battling the issue while in the minority with the tools they have available – and how some Democrats in swing districts are even joining them.

No. You don’t want to miss this…

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Majority Leader Jack Johnson Takes Tough Questions & Makes Case for Reelection [Exclusive Interview]

Senator Jack Johnson does not shy away from pointed questions on illegal immigration, school choice and corporate welfare in this interview.
He also defends his personal record and makes the case for his reelection to Republican leadership, despite the concerns that many Conservatives have about the lack of action from the Tennessee Senate overall.

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