Sexton’s Residency, Sexual Scandal & Transparency In Government – Interview With Judd Legum

Judd Legum Is On The Opposite Side Of The Political Tracks, Yet We Agree On Something: Political Leaders And Their Families Should Work, Live & Be Educated In The Districts They Represent. Otherwise, Anyone Could Rent A Broom Closet In Any District And Claim Residency Without Living Life With Their Constituents.
Legum’s Recent Reporting, Complete With Proper Sourcing, Raises Serious Questions About GOP House Leader Cameron Sexton’s Residency. We Also Discuss The Legal Machinations Of Scotty Campbell’s Recent Resignation, Sexton’s Handling Of The Situation And What It Says About The Working Environment In The Cordell Hull Building.

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Increasing Transparency & Ethical Conduct In Tennessee Government [Interview With Americans for Prosperity TN’s Tori Venable]

Tori Venable Of Americans For Prosperity Tennessee Is Here To Speak On The Lack Of Transparency In Nashville And What Can Be Done To Better Serve The Electorate.
Tori Also Addresses The “Taxpayer-Funded” Lobbying That Has A Significant Negative Influence Of Lawmakers And The Lack Of Rules Against Family Members Of Elected Officials Lobbying The Legislature.
All This And More Makes For An Eye-Opening Interview You Do Not Want To Miss!

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Defending Tennessee’s Abortion Ban Against Special Interest Groups – Interview With Tennessee Right To Life’s Will Brewer

Some Republicans In The Tennessee Legislature Who Voted For The Human Life Protection Act Back When The Overturn Of Roe V Wade Seemed To Only Be A Dream Are Now Working To Weaken Tennessee’s Strict Abortion Law And Unravel The Law That Is Estimated To Be Saving The Lives Of 900 Unborn Children Every Month.

Will Brewer From Tennessee Right To Life Joins Us Today To Discuss This Republican-Led Legislation, That At Least In One Case, Was Sneaked Into The Lineup Via A Last Minute Change To A Caption Bill And What Is Being Done To Halt Its Progress.

Brewer Also Discusses Some Good Pro-Life Legislation That Is Making Its Way Through The Legislative Process That Pro-Life Tennesseans Should Fully Support.
Watch Now!

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New Bills To Protect Tennessee’s Most Vulnerable Citizens [Interview with Rep. Clay Doggett]

Representative Clay Doggett Is Looking To Kick “Family-Friendly” Drag Shows To The Curb With New Legislation.
Doggett Also Talks About Several Of His Other Bills That Conservatives Will Surely Be In Favor Of.
All This And More Makes For A Can’t Miss Interview! Watch Now!

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Call To Action & Interview! Stopping Social Media Censorship In Tennessee With Rep. Dennis Powers

Representative Dennis Powers Talks About Issues Related To Social Media Censorship, Transporting Illegal Aliens Through Tennessee, And Preventing The Chinese Communist Party From Buying Land In The Volunteer State.

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An Opportunity For Real School Choice In Tennessee – An Interview With Rep. Bryan Richey

When Governor Bill Lee ran for office, he made “real school choice” for all TN kids a major part of his campaign platform with his “Ten for Tenn” pledge. Four plus years later, that promise remains unfulfilled.

In this interview, Rep. Bryan Richey talks about why he ran against a left-leaning Republican during the primaries, what it’s really like in Nashville and an opportunity to finally make good on the GOP’s seemingly empty promises on School Choice. This is an interview you will not want to skip.

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How Money Affects Policy In Nashville [Interview with Senator Frank Niceley]

As Of Now, There Is No Limit To The Amount Of Funding State And Federal-Level Candidates In Tennessee Can Receive From Out-Of-State Sources To Run Their Campaigns For Office. Senator Frank Niceley Is Looking To Change That.

Niceley Believes That Interests Outside Of The State Should Not Have A Majority Hand In Sponsoring Campaigns For Political Candidates And That Out-Of-State Influence Is Not In The Best Interest Of Tennesseans And That On The Federal Level, It Weakens Our Position In D.C.

In This Interview, Niceley Speaks Of His Legislation And How PAC Money Can Influence Policy Decisions In Nashville, The Possibilities Of Good Illegal Immigration Bills Being Introduced In The General Assembly, And His Bill To Limit Foreign Ownership Of Tennessee Land.

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A Call For Tennessee To “Take Back America’s Children” Amid Education Crisis [Interview With PJTN’s Laurie Cardoza Moore]

The Volunteer State Has Been Ground Zero For The Nationwide Fight To Get Left-Leaning Political Agendas, Anti-Semitic Falsehoods, Critical Race Theory, And Pornography Out Of Children’s Textbooks, Curriculum And School Libraries. Especially During The Pandemic, When Government-Initiated Lockdowns Forced Children To Stay Home, The Movement Gained A Lot Of Attention Because Of The Numbers Of Parents Who Saw, With Their Own Eyes, The Content Their Children Were Being Exposed To On A Daily Basis At Their Schools. Laurie Cardoza Moore, Founder Of Proclaiming Justice To The Nations, Says That Now Is The Time To Keep The Momentum Going And Fight For Permanent Positive Change In Our Classrooms. Laurie’s Organization Is Hosting An Upcoming Event That Will Educate, Motivate And Activate Attendees To Fight In Their Own Hometowns And Reclaim Classrooms To Ensure Our Next Generation Of Leaders Is Guided By U.S. History Facts, Not Left-Leaning Political Agendas.

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Conservative Activism In Tennessee [Interview With Citizens For Renewing America State Director]

After Nearly A Decade As An Elementary School Teacher Working With Students From Different Cultures And Languages In California And Tennessee, Ms. Aundrea Gomez Found Herself Taking A Stand Against Mandates In Her School District Which Ignited A Passion For Studying The Constitution And The Principles Of Conservatism.
Now Citizens For Renewing America’s Tennessee State Director, Gomez Talks About The Organization, Its Work And The Issues She Will Be Advocating For In This Session Of The General Assembly.
She Also Talks About How Tennessee Citizens Can Become More Involved In The Legislative Process And Stay Better Informed Of What’s Happening On Both The State And National Level.

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Irresponsible Spending By Tennessee RINOs And Democrats [Interview With Beacon Center – TN]

Today, We Are Joined By Mark Cunningham, Vice President Of Communications And Outreach For Beacon Center Of Tennessee – An Organization That Works To Empower Tennesseans To Reclaim And Protect Their Freedoms, So That They Can Freely Pursue Their Version Of The American Dream. Mark Is Here To Discuss The Beacon’s Center’s Most Recent Release Of The “Pork Report,” A Document That Outlines Massive Amounts Of Wasteful Spending, Much Of Which Has Been Enacted Under The “Conservative” Leadership Of The Republican Party.

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