Interview: Tennessee Attorney General Addresses Illegal Immigration, State Sovereignty, School Vouchers, Big Tech, Federal Mandates, And More…

As Tennesseans approach a very important election year, there are events happening in the background that can and have impacted our daily lives.

Federal bureaucrats are restricting our access to the resources and products we use to take care of our families and at the same time imposing new rules that infringe on our individual liberties and violating the state and federal Constitutions.

The states have one person who is wholly dedicated to protecting the interests of the citizens in their state. That person is the Attorney General, and their role in state sovereignty is key to maintaining the conditions the citizens of those states want to live and work in.

The Tennessee Conservative’s Kelly Jackson sits down with Tennessee AG Jonathan Skrmetti and discusses recent wins against federal overreach, fighting Big Tech to keep Tennessee’s kids safe, Illegal Immigration and school choice vouchers, and OSHA’s new plans to try and back door more federal mandates… all that and more!

Meet the top law enforcement officer in the state and hear his perspectives on  the issues that matter most to Tennesseans!

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