What We Can Do About Critical Race Theory [Exclusive Interview With Senator Marsha Blackburn]

What Should Parents Be Watching For And Doing To Hold The Teachers And Leaders Accountable To Make Sure Critical Race Theory Doesn’t Get Into Our Schools? CRT Is Not Just In Our Schools, It Has Crept Into The Business Community As Well. What Can Be Done? These Questions And More Are Answered In This Exclusive Interview With U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn.

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Nashville Tax Fight & Legislative Update With Grant Henry – Interview

Grant Henry with Americans for Prosperity talks about next steps in the Nashville tax fight AND gives legislative updates on a number of key health care, right-to-work and criminal justice laws enacted in the recent legislative session.

Grant also closes with a hopeful message for Conservatives in TN that you will not want to miss.

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Fighting To Make Tennessee Inhospitable For Illegal Immigration With State Rep. Griffey

As Tennessee Continues To Struggle With Finding The Answers For How To Get The Flood Of Illegal Immigration In Our State Under Control, District 75 State Representative Bruce Griffey Offers Real-World Solutions To The Problem.

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Trump Talks China, 2020 Election, COVID Origin

In A Wide-Ranging Interview, An Unfiltered Donald Trump Showed He Has Lost None Of His Edge As He Attacked President Biden’s Ethics, Demanded Reparations From China For COVID-19, And Advanced His Claim That The 2020 Election Was Stolen.

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How One Tennessean Fought Back Against “New Racism” and Won!

Imagine you’re a Republican business owner who was almost put out of business by your own Governor’s lock-down policies. Now imagine your government offers you money for the damage they caused… only to tell you that you don’t qualify when you apply… because you are WHITE! Well, that’s EXACTLY what happened to Tony, the owner of Jake’s Bar and Grill in Harriman Tennessee. But, it’s not where this story ends. Tony talks about how he fought back against “New Racism” and how the more the government “helps” Tennesseans, the more it actually hurts them. This is an interesting and entertaining story you will want to hear straight from Tony’s mouth.

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Senator Hagerty Exclusive Interview – Report What You See On Illegal Immigration in Tennessee

As Tennessee continues to grapple with getting illegal immigration under control, U.S. Senator Bill Hagerty joined me to discuss…

1 – What GOP Senators Are Doing in Washington D.C. to Address Joe Biden’s Border Crisis

2 – Why Tennesseans Should Report What They Are Seeing with Illegal Immigration

3 – What He Learned During His Recent Trip to Guatemala & Mexico

If you are concerned about the harmful effects of illegal immigration in our state, you need to watch this video.

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Sen. Marsha Blackburn Says Tennessee Is Now a “Border State” [Exclusive Interview]

In This Exclusive Tennessee Conservative Interview, U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn Reveals The Sad Truth About Our Border And Illegal Aliens In Tennessee. When You Watch This Video, You’ll Discover What Is Needed At The U.S. Mexico Border To Stop This Problem At The Source… Before It Overwhelms Tennessee.

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Robby Starbuck’s Battle to Beat Jim Cooper with Conservative Truths [Interview]

If You’re Tired Of TN Congressman Jim Cooper (D) Pushing His Agenda Of Higher Taxes, Bigger Government And Socialized Medicine, You’re About To Have A Choice. Robby Starbuck, A Highly Acclaimed Music Video Producer And Outspoken Conservative, Is Gearing Up For A Campaign That Reminiscent Of Scott Desjarlias’ (R) Win Over Lincoln Davis (D). Not Only Do I Feel There Will Be A RED WAVE, Redistricting Will Play A Large Part In This Pivotal Race. In This Remarkable Interview, Robby Talks About Courage, Policy And His Election Strategy To Turn Congressional District 5 RED! Buckle Up. It’s About To Get Real.

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The Truth About Illegal Immigration in TN with Congressman Scott Desjarlais

Illegal immigrants are being secretly housed in Chattanooga… and perhaps in a Tennessee city near you. Congressman DesJarlais shares insider information on the Border Crisis with Tennessee Conservative readers… plus more that will surprise you. However, Governor Lee has yet to comment on the situation and the Tennessee legislature hasn’t taken any action on the matter. Watch, Share and Enjoy the Program!

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Understanding Your Property Tax With Marty Haynes

When It Comes To Property Taxes And Property Assessments, There Is A Lot Of Misinformation Out There. Hamilton County, Tennessee Property Assessor Marty Haynes Clears Up Some Of That Misinformation And Reveals Facts That The Typical Property Owner Just Doesn’t Know.

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