Action Alert! Special Session Update With Gary Humble Of Tennessee Stands

As we speak, conservative legislation that would restore your individual liberties and medical freedom are being debated.

But, will these bills be killed in committee by RINOs as they were in the General Session? Not if you take action and remain vigilant…

In this interview, Gary Humble of Tennessee Stands briefs you on the BEST bills that are currently being considered and how YOU can support their passage.

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End The Emergency

The Emergency Powers Of Gov. Bill Lee Need To Be Limited Immediately. The Extended State Of Emergency Which Now Governs The State Of Tennessee Is Unconscionable. Further, It Has Rendered The General Assembly Ineffective In Their Oath Of Office. The People Request The General Assembly To End The Current Emergency. Additionally, They Need To Further Constrain Both The Scope And Duration Of Emergency Powers Of The Governor By Requiring Approval By The House And Senate Before They Become Effective Or Extended.

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Tennessee House Republicans Ready To Fight For Individual Choice!

In A Twitter Post Last Night, Tennessee House Republicans Declared, “COVID Special Session Starts Tomorrow And House Republicans Are Ready To Fight For Your INDIVIDUAL CHOICE.”

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Next Week Is CRITICAL for Protecting Your Freedom In Tennessee! [Exclusive Interview With State Rep. Jason Zachary]

Representative Jason Zachary is a man of Conservative Courage and he is to be commended.

However, he gives us a warning: Next week will be CRITICAL if we are to preserve medical freedom in Tennessee.

Moved by concern for his constituents, Jason Zachary took a STAND during the Ford Motors special session and proposed legislation that would give Tennesseeans freedom in work, commerce and the classroom. However, not all TN Republicans are on board.

But we have another shot during the following week’s special session on medical freedom!

Watch this video so you can learn what we need to do in the coming days.

ALL HANDS ON DECK… Get ready for action!

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“It’s Woke Companies Vs. The Working Class” [Exclusive Interview with U.S. Rep. Diana Harshbarger]

Wow… it’s very rare to hear someone in elected office tell it like it is – much less someone elected at the federal level.
In this exclusive interview, Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger talks about personal freedom, state sovereignty and how we are in the fight of our lives for the next generation.
Is it really “all about control?” Watch this interview and judge for yourself. You don’t want to miss this.

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Tennessee Attorney General Challenges Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

In A Letter Sent To President Joe Biden On Thursday, Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery Said He Believes The President’s COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate On Private Employers Violates Federal Law.

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New Tennessee Political Action Committee Supports Conservative Values

There Is A New PAC In Tennessee Focused On Putting Real Conservatives Back Into Leadership Across The State.

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UTC Student Suspended For Not Complying With Mask Mandate

On August 27th, UTC Police Were Contacted To Respond To A Professor’s Call That A Student Was Refusing To Wear A Mask. The Call Resulted In The Student Being Suspended From School, Removed From School Grounds By UTC Police And The Issuance Of A Citation For Disorderly Conduct

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